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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 26 Aug 2017 22:47
The Victoria and Albert Museum
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Today was planned as ‘Museum Day’. We set off from our digs and made the short journey to South Kensington.
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A busy picture, we left the station and walked down the long underpass to the V&A.
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The Victoria and Albert Museum is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects. It was founded in 1852 and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
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We spent a little time looking but I had a target piece in mind.
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I had my ‘moments’ with the Old Shepherd’s Chief Mourner (own blog).
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We looked at a few bits and bobs on our way downstairs with every intention to shift across to the Natural History Museum and after our afternoon snack head to the Science Museum but Harley’s sniffles took on the teeth of a proper cold. He took the decision that he wanted to head back to our hotel to “chill out”. We didn’t mind a bit, it has after all been a busy week with so many ‘firsts’. Well, next time.....................
                     A CLASSICAL MUSEUM