To Portsmouth

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 23 Jan 2011 23:47
Roseau to Portsmouth, Dominica
As soon as we arrived in Roseau at four, we went off with Nimue to check in with Customs and Immigration. Then off in search of Josie (the lady that when I'm black enough will adopt me), she was out but we saw my sister to be, Kerdisha, who phoned Josie, so at least we spoke. Then a wander round the town - completely empty and closed up as a cruise ship was just leaving. Somehow the city seemed to be a little more threadbare than we remembered. Tomorrow being Sunday - and Reggae Night in Portsmouth we decided to go. Of course we left and it rained.
Nimue between rain clouds
Portsmouth Bay just as we remember it, complete with her shipwrecks 
Anne and Michael coming in to anchor
The fort above us looks like work in progress - must go visit.
Soon as we were settled we went into town. My favourite 'One Careful Owner' taken in June 2009
And today - even better, the tree has got bigger
A new baby one growing in the High Street
Outside a perfect house
Portsmouth has lost none of its charm despite a new fishing dock and lots of building going on. The people are still our favourite in the whole of the Caribbean. Sadly, no BBQ / reggae night as Big Papa has had a bit of a fall out with the boat boys. They are building a new place just down the beach from the Purple Turtle. We went for a burger and Petroline served us as usual. PG the next time we are back will be post circumnavigation.