A Jolly Spuddle

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 4 Feb 2011 22:43
A Spuddle Around Jolly Harbour
On Baby Beez we saw what we thought was an unchanged Jolly Harbour
The island in the centre now very overgrown
The original three properties on the island
Joined by another two on the other side
I took our big washing in, Bear met me at the chandlers
We went into a showroom, spoke to the least interesting salesman. He said in thirty days work will begin (this was the plan for the island). We are not convinced.The townhouses at two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, the penthouses four hundred and fifty, there is to be a hotel, pools and twenty four hour security. The waters edge land is still nine hundred and fifty thousand US with the build starting at five hundred thousand. Madness for a man made island with one way on and off. On the plans we saw in the office, the original houses are not shown and the waters edge itself is called 'community mooring'. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting to see what happens. We had a pint in the Dogwatch pub, only customers. The barman said last year was a total washout for businesses, (Subway - we used last April with Team Tinson and AAJ has gone), he said this year is "a little better".
Next we spuddled to the villa we had rented, fairly unchanged, the one to its right, our left, still empty
The paintwork not too bad. The pair of empties to the centre of the cul de sac, more overgrown. Some others are in a terrible way, needing lots of outdoor work (what has happened to the maintenance)
Returning back to the Beez, new gaff hook (with this sharp beauty - no more lost fish - fingers crossed)