Oo ..... Egg Event

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 28 Dec 2014 23:57
The Final Egg Event of 2014 was a Worthy One
This morning is boiled egg time. Can’t argue with that then. Several minutes later there was an almighty outbreak of the bluest language and much clattering. Are you OK I call in a supportive manner. Grrrrrrrr and more bad language. Quiet, then in mine came complete with toast and Marmite, what could be a better start to anyone’s day – Oh is that a tiny egg event for me...... No, a dangly from mine. Is it notable event??? You could call it that I suppose, I’d call it a bit of a disaster. Best go and check this out.
IMG_1090  IMG_1091
Well, it looks like a squid just lying there. Thank you. The full line up looks quite impressive though. Thank you. Best I slip back to mine then. Best you do.
IMG_1093  IMG_1094  IMG_1095
Even the relatively new twongs got a bit of decoration. The egg-chef-extraordinaire between growling and expletives. I had a look at the four left in becoming hard-boiled for later use – best I offer sweetly to clear up..............
IMG_1097  IMG_1098
In it came. Thankfully an episode of Castle settled feathers. Time for a turn Anthea.
The close up shows more egg out than in.
S-F egg event
You’ll never guess what dear reader. Whilst I was actually typing this blog I received this wonderful picture from Scott-Free. Thank you Chris and Steve and welcome to the Egg Event Appreciation Society, quite a select club. There are secret egg eventers out there, please feel free to join us................membership is just a photo away.
IMG_1103  IMG_1101
My neat, upturned and holed to let a sailors spirit be released. What was Bear to do. Find the biggest bit of shell and pierce a hole and hope. 
                     HOW CAN SUCH A SIMPLE THING............