Mystery Island

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 25 Oct 2015 23:57
Our Visit to Mystery Island
Half a mile to the right of Beez is Mystery Island, off we went to explore in Baby Beez.
IMG_7723  IMG_7725
Standing on the dock used by the cruise ship tenders we had a spectacular Pacific Moment.
The information board told us: Mystery Island is a beautiful uninhabited coral and sand island covered in sub-tropical vegetation surrounded by a fringing reef of outstanding natural value. The Ni-Vanuatu people from the nearby Island of Aneityum have declared the coral reef surrounding Mystery Island a Marine Protected Area to conserve the Island’s unique and wonderful marine life for future generations.
IMG_7729  IMG_7730
We bimbled up and down the well kept paths.
We ‘popped out’ on the other side and were treated to a Robinson Crusoe Moment.
IMG_7787  IMG_7801
Fancy calling this ‘home’.
IMG_7733  IMG_7734  IMG_7754
We saw the trappings on the cruise ship visitors. We found out that for the local ladies to run a stall here they pay five Australian dollars in ‘rent’ money. They do well and hence their village benefits from the season. The next is due in on Wednesday. I’d like to see it come in and then leave for the northern anchorage. Fine by me. We saw signs for glass-bottomed boat trips, cave visits, snorkelling, hair braiding, Passport stamps, walking tours and a whole host of things to do on this little oasis.
IMG_7796  IMG_7797
The downside to the visiting throngs. On Tuesday a work party will be over from the village to give everything the ‘once over’, spick and span for Wednesday.
IMG_7736  IMG_7743
Of course we did........
IMG_7738  IMG_7741  IMG_7742
.........and had a lot of fun doing it.
Bear poses with the whalepot and bone.
IMG_7764  IMG_7760  IMG_7756 
Every bush we walked past was covered in webs – time to indulge in some spider watching.
IMG_7769  IMG_7777
Nice to know all the spiders here are friendly.
IMG_7781  IMG_7780  IMG_7783
Almost balletic.
IMG_7789  IMG_7790  IMG_7791
We walked up the runway, looked at the terminal and through the window. The next flight in is due on Tuesday at midday, hardly Heathrow........
From the corner of the runway we could see Beez Neez through the bushes.
Walking back toward the jetty.
Her Majesty is well loved by the people of Vanuatu and Prince Phillip is indeed worshipped by a village on Tanna.
IMG_7798  IMG_7800
We bimbled back to Baby Beez to collect our snorkel kits, walked a bit further and found a hut at a very jaunty angle. Inside was an army of hermit crabs who now call the building home.
Once in, we swam through some really hot bits, some quite cold and the rest was a nice temperature. On the bottom, in the area we snorkelled were massive, flat rocks with the ‘usual suspects’ for company..........
IMG_7818  IMG_7819  IMG_7824
.........and some ‘not so usual’............
IMG_7825  IMG_7829
........ and a photo-bomber. These chaps have not been fed so they don’t try and climb in your face mask with you. We had a wonderful time and all too soon it was time to go. The island we both agreed is simply stunning.
                    VERY PRETTY AND GOOD FOR A LAUGH