School Week 3

Our Week at School
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Bear took this picture of Mama and Papa. They were enjoying a little time together, on the swing, in the afternoon. Not long until they celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary – amazing and rare these days. With mama’s delicious home-cooking we stand no chance of losing weight – in fact – dare I say we have added to our bulk.
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Geoff was cold on Monday and we met Poppotamae, a French-Canadian here for a week
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Tuesdays school lunch saw many new students taking a Salsa lesson from ‘Herman the Groins’ replacement. As usual Letty and Caty work very hard.
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Students learning the art of tortilla making. It just goes to show that delicious for forty can be created in a small space.
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Wednesday Claudia lost a table leg
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Bear and I bimbled off with our teachers to watch the parade (own blog). The group of medics provided Bear with a prescription for cuba libre.
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Thursday. The children who attend school here in the afternoon were running short of writing space. We nipped to the stationers and bought them a new pencil, rubber, sharpener, ruler and exercise book each – the bill for twelve sets came to less than ten pounds but the joy on this groups faces was priceless. They made us a lovely ‘thank you’ card and all signed it.
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Thursday nights school meal became a great party. Once again the ladies did an amazing job. They look after me so well - I get my own meal minus garlic and herbs, tonight prawn carbonara (and I have a private supply of vodka for good measure), I couldn’t ask for better care. A student struggling with a lively piece of pasta.
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After supper, Bear threw himself around the dance floor like Fred Astaire and we met a friend of Director Caty called Fransisco, (I thought he could have easily been signed on Motown.)
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Our final Thursday night (we finish school next Wednesday) so we were encouraged to make a real go of it.

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Walking back to school after lunch today, I managed a photo of our favourite tuk-tuk with ‘go faster’ wheels. This afternoon Bear went on the school trip to the Cross on the Hill, great view shot Grande Oso. I was a studious girl and stayed with Claudia to read out loud from a magazine. Head throb.


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We both felt exhausted at four o’clock and went to our favourite bar across the road, to sit outside and watch an amazing lightning display that went on for half an hour. We had an hour before the bar closed to prepare for their evening - celebrating six years in business. We bimbled home to lovely fresh bedding.


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Once again school was busy this week. Lessons, visits and the parade. OR - Una vez más, la escuela estaba muy ocupado esta semana. Lecciones, las visitas y el desfile. That’s quite enough of that. And to top it off Bear found us a ‘One Careful Owner’.