Big Journey

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 22 Jun 2015 22:57
Three Point Eight Miles and There We Were
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Our morning was spent doing last minute bibs and bobs, makes a change from bits and bobs I suppose, saves you getting bored, anyhoo - buying bread, filling up with water, showering, paying the marina and finally our last meal out for several weeks. Off the pontoon at ten to two, we waved a fond ‘farewell’ to the Copra Shed, our home for the last two weeks and a weekend. Not since Tahiti have we been able to stroll down the road for just about anything we need, we will miss Savusavu but must move on to pastures new. Lovely to look up and see Scott-Free to our right. Very soon we were going past the Botanical Gardens and deep water.
Very grey in the bay, a far cry from the azure blues we entered on.
After a massive motor of three point eight miles we pulled over to the well known anchorage, to the right is the renowned Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, just by a waypoint I had randomly plopped on the chart plotter.
We chose a spot near a very pretty house and anchored for the first time since Big Mamas in Tonga.
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It was a treat to see Bear go in off the back of Beez, meanwhile I got back into the saddle. At the end of each trip I clear the route just completed of waypoints and plot the next one, adding a few extra at the end for ‘fine tuning’, here we have the luxury of exact markers on chartlets given to us by Curly last Sunday at his lecture. I very much enjoyed fiddling about, tomorrow is about forty five miles – in open sea, we’ll be able to tuck in behind a reef and feel like we are back in Pacific Islands and away from town, really looking forward to it.
We watched Michaela paddle over to Scott-Free, then over to us, we were invited for sundowners. We spent a very pleasant time aboard Ailita, suddenly quite tired at eight o’clock I hear you shout. The silence was deafening, gently rocking – marvellous, simply marvellous.