Carlo Sandblow

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sat 7 May 2016 22:47
Carlo Sandblow
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After a tasty lunch at the Surf Club, Rainbow Beach, Jim and Pam said our next stop was to see the sandblow. No idea what one of those is, size or reason, we as usual readied our open minds for new things that just may have a wow factor. Our wows have come in all shapes and sizes and often when we were not looking or expecting one. Parked in the shade, we stopped at the information boards and followed Pam past a post that declared ‘ Great Walk Cooloola’. Mmm, we were in the woods.
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Wonderful shapes.
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Oh my. From the woods we went up a few steps and found ourselves standing on a wooden observation deck. For once I ignored the information boards and gaped. Left, straight ahead and right. Pam pointed right and said that Beez was over in the far distance.
A quick look at the information board, then Jim and Pam told us to leave our shoes on the deck and stay as high as we could as we walked the edge of the sandblow, named Carlo by Captain Cook after one of his crew. The Carlo Sandblow is part of the Cooloola sandmass - one of the largest accumulations of wind-blown sand found along the Queensland coast. The unique "moonscape" sand mass covers over thirty seven acres and overlooks the towering coloured sands.
OH WOW, from here we could see why the name fits - Rainbow Beach.
Tin Can
We went higher and left, walked to the end of the sand from here we could see Tin Can Bay on the map.
DSC_2648  DSC_2638
Looking left, Beez somewhere over there, looking ahead and to the right over Wide Bay
Even at this distance we could make out the Wide Bay Bar, we had motored just beyond the surf line.
Looking out to sea we could clearly make out the shallows.
Once we had reached Inskip Point we were out into the massive area of water seen at the top of the picture.
Looking down, mmm difficult to get perspective but Bear wouldn’t go down the very steep slope of sand at the leading edge.......
......................better seen on the pictures from the information board, the leading edge does look steep.
Walking back the way we had come and we were looking upward at the Wind patterns.
Back to the edge. So we had walked left from the deck (you are here), turned left to the far end and ended up under where it says ‘here’, then returned to above ‘here’.
Pam pointed down to where the youngsters slide down to the beach. People also launch themselves on hang gliders. We had an overwhelming urge to roll down but as we are still finding sand from when we rolled down the dune in the Sahara, thought that Jim wouldn’t be too pleased with what we would do to the back of the car. We’ll leave with the picture I took.

                     VERY IMPRESSIVE VIEWS