Coralview Snorkel

Snorkel Over at Coralview Resort to Find the Giant Clam
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Patrick, one of the boat drivers who took us to the meke at Coralview Resort, told us that the snorkelling over here was special as giant clams had ‘been seeded’. We arrived at eleven just as the tide was beginning to come in, the lads in the shop told us to wait awhile as not to get scratched in the shallows. Nothing for it but to have a drink and enjoy the sunshine. Might as well have a bite to eat. Bear enjoyed fish and chips and I had a toasted sandwich, sitting in the sunshine was a joy. Then to the water just off the beach, within seconds we were in a massive stretch of hard coral.
IMG_4224  IMG_4247  IMG_4271
Hard but pretty.
IMG_4242  IMG_4236
Soft corals too.
IMG_4237  IMG_4239  IMG_4241
Some different chaps.
IMG_4284  IMG_4285
This chap posed for a second then got back to his chomping.
IMG_4245  IMG_4287
A couple of the usual suspects – a blue starfish and an anemone carrying bits and bobs.
IMG_4276  IMG_4228  IMG_4231 
We try to remember the brown chaps and these are really funny.
IMG_4229  IMG_4246  IMG_4232
They are so territorial, bring up their fins to look huge and aggressive but they seem to have a smile on their face and then turn in a huff, hilarious.
IMG_4258  IMG_4259
Then we found some giant clams. Bear refused flatly to put his hand anywhere near them to show their size – so they could be three inches across. I read about men being drowned when they got their foot stuck, what was that in a boys comic........I only wanted you to put your hand near them to show perspective. Well ....... Look, they close their shell in defence not aggression and they don’t shut that quickly, some can’t shut completely. No. Ok then, our readers will have to take our word that they were eighteen inches and two feet across. They can grow to over four feet, weigh four hundred pounds and live for a century – once fixed, in the same spot.
Nearly missed this chap on the way back to Baby Beez.
                     AWESOME TO SEE THE GIANT CLAMS