Six Days in Russian Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 30 Sep 2019 23:57
Quick Six Days in Russian Bay
Wednesday the 25th September. Bear spent the morning on deck with his sealant gun attacking likely places where this (any bad language that can be hurled at the problem) pesky leak could sneak in. He called me out when he heard the breaths of a pair of dolphin cruising for fish in the bay.
Quite a few yachts had come to Russian Bay to hide from a big storm working its way up the Mozambique Channel and as a break from Hellville or Crater Bay, this afternoon the clouds began to gather.
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Thursday the 26th. Three o’clock this morning and boy, did it rain. To say our mood was low as the constant drip, drip continues the Leak Saga. The pot in the picture may look like it’s a diddy one but full to the brim it holds 1100 mils. We found it three-quarters full when we got up. The mood aboard was low to say the very least, so it was a real treat when Kimi and Trevor popped over to ask us to go for a dhow ride and bimble to the village over the hill on the morrow. The rest of the day was spent head scratching and pondering our determined ingress.......
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Friday the 27th. Ashore at eight to meet Paul, our guide, Kimi and Trevore (Slow Flight) for a very enjoyable dhow ride across the bay and a two mile bimble to the village (own blog). Leaving the dhow, we went uphill, through a well-used track to the village of 192 people who live a traditional life and live in huts (one for cooking, one for sleeping).
The view from the top of the hill was amazing, Beez Neez is the middle of the three tiny white dots on the water.
The village where Paul’s sister-in-law lives, is over the middle of the picture. The trees here provide much of the raw materials needed for house and boat building but there are a few places that have been cut a bit too much and the landscape is a bit bald.
DSCN9224  DSCN9238
Nice to see a pair of bee eaters, an eagle and a chap along the way.
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Saturday the 28th. Still pondering the Leak Saga Beatie and Ken (Petra) popped over to invite us to sundowners along with Irma and Kevin (Canace). A lovely evening and I felt blessed and spoilt when Beatie produced delicious mixed seed crackers for me. Deciding our cockpit was too small, Irma and Kevin said we could have ‘our do’ on Canace.
Sunday the 29th. Once again everyone made gorgeous snacks for sundowners on Canace and suitably fed we settled to teach Mexican Train Dominoes. Such a fun time.
Monday the 30th. A quiet day of chores and Bear washed the Beez waterline. Back to Crater Bay tomorrow for Maria’s birthday party.