Avatele Beach

Sunday Bliss at Avatele Beach
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The Wash Away Café.
The books say the place to spend Sunday afternoon is at Avatele (Oneonepata) Beach. This stretch of sand served as a beacon for the early trading ships, today the little jetty serves the local fishermen, snorkelers and divers. We arrived at the Wash Away Café for lunch, (open only on a Sunday from 11 am to 11 pm) and found the most novel bar we have ever visited. A self-service bar. You help yourself and write it in the book......
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Food wise you can order burgers (Bear), pizzas (Me) and sandwiches. I of course had to use the glass that was Beez colours... We settled for a leisurely time before going for a snorkel.
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The legend here is that while beating her hiapo down at the beach, Mataginifale would often sing and chant while she worked. Attracted by her singing, all the fish would gather within the bay to admire her singing and her skillful work and to ask her to paint them whichever colour they asked for. One day a whale swam up to Mataginifale while she worked and asked her to paint him. Mataginifale in turn mocked the whale “ulu pekepeke”, teasing him about his large bumpy head. The whale was deeply offended and vowed to take revenge on Mataginifale. While she had her back turned, the whale snuck up on her, swallowing her whole and disappeared from the shores of Oneonepata, Trapped for days in the pit of the whale’s stomach Mataginifale noticed that the whale was no longer swimming – she used her tools which were wrapped around her waist to slowly scrape away at the whale’s stomach in an effort to escape. Upon emerging from the whale’s stomach she found herself on another beach, Mataginifale found herself in Tonga where she was immediately taken by the king as his bride.
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A handsome group of chaps
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As at other beaches and attractions we found a picnic area, showers and toilets.