Jump Week

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 30 May 2009 22:58
A week with Jump Jet
We met Jump at the airport, locals were seen running from the radiant glow off the white legs. Cocktail in The Sticky Wicket and off to the beach for a picnic tea and watch the sunset. We drove past Jabberwock beach, Sandpiper Reef and on to Grand Bay. We saw horses having a bath. An egret at Shirley Heights - yes Jump - looks a little different from a pelican. I felt at this point that twitching wouldn't be a feature of the week.
First morning Jump came muttering out saying " I've skied black runs at Jackson Hole that are not as steep as getting off that bed - I need an Earl Grey", neither us like the smell of the stuff so she brought her own.
We had a lesson in dismounting Beez Neez
Saw some strange parking in St John's, I still think it odd to see a cruise ship parked behind a mini bus.
We found the ultimate beach bar called Pensioners Corner, complete with TV, swivel office chair, man and Zimmer frame.
Found a deserted Deep Bay, held a dongle for the first time and exhibited the "red knee" impression of a tree frog
Had lessons in mounting Beez Neez from the newly christened Baby Beez ( dinghy ). Blurred pictures due to the speed of moment - someone said time for a cuppa and she was off like a bull at a gate. Then promptly leaned too heavily on the cockpit table - " I think I've killed it".
Joined in the search for "the one careful owner" series. Shot peanuts all over us. "I clearly don't get out enough"
AND declared the winner when we said we were dust cart virgins.
"Something has just fallen off the ceiling" - Bear found out it was the corner of the hatch in the bathroom.
The man in the gallery shop offered to ship Jumps three cats over and to teach her to paint. "He'll have a job, even my stickmen are dodgy".
Even found a new category of "one careful boat owner". Made camp as a means to escape the sun, tramping sand everywhere. Plenty of time for laughter.
I thought I had lost the will to live - trying to point out the wreck of the Andes to someone posing with a brolly - then pathetically pushing it in the sand, only having to rescue it moments later. Thankfully no one else was on the beach or they would have been kebabbed as it cart wheeled down the beach.
I finally lost the will to live. I have always admired the French who go to a beach with nothing more than a towel and a book, we always looked like we were on guide camp for a week, always seeking shade or air-conditioning.
Factoid of the week - Never take a brand new velour towel, it never dries with the salt content it picks up AND gets very heavy. "But it's good for cover and to shade under".
Consider the problems encountered when you get a visitor who you think will have 'fun in the sun', but who usually books things like Alaska, skiing and St Petersburg "with the window open" and put her in 34 degrees with high humidity "it's ot".
How much shade can a person want, even the birds went to hide ( "Its legs are too long for a pigeon, Jump" ) and the beaches remained deserted.
Plenty of AAARRRRRR at this one. Still the beaches stay clear. "You don't see many of these in Darlington" when Jump saw a mini submarine on the back of a Toyota
"I love you but stay out of my breeze". Even Bear took to radical acts when showered with sand. "Salt does make you sticky and your clothes then get a will of their own". Mind the chafe, dear.
Friday night Jump took us for a wonderful steak at Peter's in Jolly Harbour washed down with a cocktail and two bottles of fizz, the dismount this time now done with allure - Oh err Missus. Bear said he fancied being an Admiral but we think this suits him better. Captains right to check on the progress of crew, I'm qualified and trained you know.
Comment of the week "I think I've killed the shower" as she pottered out holding the thing that holds the shower head to the wall.
We enjoyed spuddling to the beaches of Jolly, Stony Horn, Valley Church Bay, Mosquito Cove and Pearns Point on Baby Beez. Some lovely sunsets, swims and picnics.
The highlight of the week was our time with the stingrays