Adrienne is 50

Adrienne’s 50th Birthday Party
On our way in to Mopelia, we heard radio chatter about an islander being fifty today. All yachties were invited and we were asked to bring a dish to share. Arriving on the beach at five, we first clapped eyes on Adrienne, the birthday girl, as she swung a massive coconut crab out of an oil drum for us to take pictures.
IMG_5467  IMG_5465  IMG_5468
Adrienne’s son offered the big chap a stick, which he snapped through like a knife through butter.
IMG_5487  IMG_5490
Our neighbour from Maupiti on Ubatuba (Brazil) held him for me to get a size shot.
What a sight.
IMG_5481  IMG_5482
We had a wander around this island home with its al fresco kitchen.
IMG_5484  IMG_5476
The car, I was about to add to the ‘one careful owner’ as the only possible entry for the atoll, when Bear told me it had only arrived last year......... Absolutely fell in love with the classy wheelbarrow.
IMG_5493  IMG_5494
Back by the waters edge we loved the beer can tree.
IMG_5496  IMG_5498  IMG_5506
We admired the families sturdy boat, watched the table being laid as we all gathered. 
Adrienne then posed for us.
IMG_5508  IMG_5511  IMG_5510
The wooden table was surrounded by a variety of seats – wooden stools, lumps of Styrofoam, planks of wood, but, enough for everyone. We were soon tucking into piles of lobster, coconut crab (not for me), salads, coleslaw, rice, heart of palm, so much delicious food. Fresh coconut water to wash it all down.
I had to look the other way when Bear was offered the ‘best bit’ of the crab. Everyone shoved their fingers into the shell and pulled out bits of “fois gras”. I tried not to visibly shudder.
IMG_5518  IMG_5519
Everybody feasted and the empties proved that.
IMG_5527  IMG_5528
Adrienne then shared her massive chocolate and coconut cake. Others had brought cream caramel, a chocolate sponge topped with peaches and a bottle of Sprite appeared.
IMG_5529  IMG_5533
Yachts Beez Neez, Ubatuba, Wandering Moggy, Windarra and one we cannot remember sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in English, French, German, Portuguese and six of the ten islanders in attendance rounded off the greetings in Tahitian. We were then entertained by the two youngest members of Ubatuba. What an evening. Adrienne’s two daughters and son speak really good English, the son has been on the island for two years, he told us. One daughter for a year and the younger for two months. Only people from Maupiti can live on Mopelia and they earn from selling copra.  Hina used to be a pearl farmer but she gave it up as far too labour intensive.They fell about laughing at my shock when they were telling me the story about rushing to meet the freighter so they could eat the regular dose of ice cream it brought. They eat it there and then as there are no freezers on the atoll, well actually no fridges either. The laughter came with my question, how often does the supply ship come in ??? “Oh every eight..........” now I knew it wouldn’t be days, possibly it could be weeks, but I was completely unprepared for months...... That means if they forget anything its sixteen months........ No, if they forget something the girls walk to the other end of the atoll to see Hina. At her house they use the SSB radio and call dad, (head of one of the copra co-operatives on Maupiti). Dad organises what’s needed and gets a passing boat to deliver it. The girls were very excited today to see two yachts coming in, one was supposed to be bringing dad in for the party. Sadly neither Beez nor Windarra had him aboard. Hina wasn’t present tonight as she had just returned that afternoon, in a speedboat and was very tired. Not sure why dad didn’t come with her.
I went to check on the big chap, back in the oil drum, he was seething.
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Sofia and Blake had loads of fun with the local hermits.
Great tree climbers. We bade our farewells and took our tired selves home to Beez.