SL Laundry Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 4 Mar 2019 23:57
Trincomalee Laundry Bimble
The huge relief of the autopilot now working allowed us a slack morning. Simply taking in our vista, playing games in the cockpit and enjoying being on Beez at anchor. So much nicer than all the long months on the hard.
Late afternoon we went ashore. Looking back toward the jetty.
IMG_0003  IMG_0002
Turning to face the road and to our right - Police Station, Customs...............
IMG_0029  IMG_0004
.........and Immigration. Out through the gate, we turn right for the bank and across the road to town.
We found Loka, now our official tuktuk man who took us to the railway station.
IMG_0006  IMG_0008
We passed a happy roundabout and a flurry of tuktuks.
IMG_0010  IMG_0009
The church is called Our Lady of Guadeloupe, amazing to think we have been there. We hear one minaret Call to Prayer which is gorgeous, melodic and prayerful, one Methodist Church – we hear bells and the Ave Maria being sung. The Hindu Temple we have heard tassa drums and the Buddhists chanting. All rather splendid. We get to the railway station to buy a ticket for Friday. No first class carriage so we cannot book seats and we have too much luggage to chance space anywhere else. Car it is then with Yusef.
We get Loka to stop at the supermarket where we dash in for some Coke Zero, then head back to the jetty.
IMG_0011  IMG_0014
We hand Loka £2.40, drop our shopping in Baby Beez and head out toward the bank. Opposite, a printed memorial flag to a lady born the month before me, sadly, we heard her funeral firecrackers the day we arrived here.
IMG_0012  IMG_0013
Typical ‘big’ houses.
IMG_0022  IMG_0017
Typical ‘small’ houses.
IMG_0025  IMG_0023
We stop to pick up our laundry from a tiny man who finishes everything with his trusty iron on the table. Bear paid just over £16 for the same load as we paid £3.27 in Sabang, if we average the two....... but in future it will be cheaper to run the engine and make half a tank of water.
I did get to admire the wonderful flat iron. Being a flat fan (never liked steam irons) I loved it.
IMG_0020  IMG_0015
We passed one of the schools – not a lintel in sight and then checked on the cows tuck box before buying each other a cheeky cake.
IMG_0027  IMG_0028
Not sure why I was so surprised to see a settee shop....
Yesterday we anchored a little farther along, Beez now looks all alone but her friends are nearby.
Cup of tea each, my piece of sponge and a green thing for Bear, delicious and forty pence each, luxury.
IMG_0038  IMG_0039  IMG_0042
Supper, sunset, game or two, showers and Messiah, an oldie but a goodie by way of a change.
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