Wet Week

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 9 Jul 2013 22:57
Constant Rain and Staying Put
BB Rain 002
This has been our vista for a week, almost solidly.
BB Rain 003
The cathedral barely visible.
The rain has been good for the locals who had been complaining that this has been the longest dry spell in years and water supplies were getting low. Sadly the beginning of the festival that they have practiced so hard for was cold and wet too. We have busied ourselves with chores, had a lovely supper on Gallivanter and a smashing evening on Pitufa. Spirits lift in good company and it’s always fun to listen to others adventures.
BB Rain 004
We know most of our blog readers will laugh when we say twenty degrees is so cold, but having acclimatised to thirty, we are feeling it. Even Bear wears a tee shirt at night, so I no longer get to sleep in the shallow end as no ‘sweaty boy’ next to me. We are not alone here with the weather, checking the weather reports the picture is widespread. From here to Bora Bora, the Marquesas to Tahiti all beaten with winds up to forty knots with massive seas, those brave enough to venture out have taken quite a beating. We have been happy to sit and wait for a better weather window.
On a very sad note we have read the news accounts about Nina and her crew of seven assumed lost between New Zealand and Australia. A sobering reminder that the ocean is vast, we are tiny and we must never take her power for granted.  
Bear doing his final stowing jobs.
During the week I was presented with another toe nail, only one more due to leave the captains peds, bringing the total to 50% lost. Mmmmmmm.
The plan was to leave this morning but we got up to the usual heavy rain. After breakfast it stopped and finally the sun came out. Leaving after lunch seemed the better option. Bear went ashore to say farewell at the Police Station, drop the final rubbish and buy some eggs. All went well until the eggs were posted into the cockpit, Baby Beez took the opportunity to go off on her own, the skipper had no choice but to swim after her. I was blissfully unaware of these events as I was adding some new books (kindly given to me by Pitufa – Christian and Birgit) to my IPod. I heard the shower pump going as the captain rinsed himself al fresco then came in to give me a full report.
A boat has just arrived in from Henderson Island telling of massive seas. Whilst the forecast is good, we know that the sea swell is due to drop by FIVE FEET overnight. Enough said. We stay put and try and poke our noses out tomorrow. Fingers crossed.