Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 12 Apr 2011 21:38
Harrold and Wilson Ponds National Park

Harrold and Wilson Ponds National Park is a uniquely beautiful site located in the centre of New Providence. Herons, egrets, ibises and cormorants have established the largest rookery for these species on New Providence. Surveys by the Bahamas National Trust's Ornithology Group have identified 101 different bird species in the park, including the globally threatened Bahama Swallow. Harrold and Wilson Ponds National Park was the first national park to be declared in New Providence, the seat of Nassau, the nation's capital. The park is located near the highest concentration of citizens and the epicenters of the tourism industry. The development of this park will provide enjoyment, recreation and education for persons on New Providence. The park has been established as the Bahamas' first Watchable Wildlife Pond and its development will bring conservation, enjoyment, education and recreation to the doorstep of an unprecedented number of Bahamians.

This was the write up I found during 'research breakfast' this morning. Well the excitement was palpable in the little hire car. 101 species, I may see flowers and the longed for Bahama Woodstar, the national hummingbird...........I should have known something was amiss when it took an hour to find the place, there wasn't a single sign to it, finally we saw tucked behind bushes, the entrance hidden from the road...........



SHOCK HORROR, a billion bulrushes and a walkway to who knows where. The need for 101 rapidly dropped to 5



Bear, ever the optimist said It might be OK at the end of the boardwalk - yes we did find a lookout





I have to admit there were information boards




and I had to yield to seeing an old buzzard



A killdeer did pose "you want me this way or that, honey"




a promise and a duck, what more would I want



Disinterested coots




a depressed or shy cattle egret and a stilt amongst the coots



One did try to put on a show of landing for me, so not counting the pigeon I got my five




another dead end and the optimist calls time




Bear did take a picture of the apology by the main (huh - rusty) gate. Emergency need for KFC. Showing the ladies our tourist map half the roads had the wrong names, Oh so it wasn't you being a c - -p map reader. See Pepe's face crinch at the edges. Have you ever seen anyone threaten death with a chicken drumstick before, Bear has. Quiet Bear, Quiet. This KFC had no seats inside so we had a car picnic. The funny thing that just about sums up this event was a food outlet coming to the opposition for late lunch........ well whatever next. To brighten my flagging spirit, Bear checked the Ardasta Zoo page in our booklet, Flamingo marching is at ten past four, if we go now we may make it in time, they are world famous. Well if it takes as long to get there as it did finding the wetlands, the flamingos will be in bird heaven. Let's give it a go. So off we went, the optimist peeking once more.