Beez to 18th Feb

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 18 Feb 2018 23:57
Beez to 18th February – A Short but Brisk Week
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Monday morning Bear had a dental appointment and I had one with a medic at the Pantai Hospital. Borrowing a marina car, off we went. Bear dropped me and braced himself for his Chinese dentist (a slight man with small hands – thankfully) who was going to poke about in an abscess....... By the time Bear came to find me I had seen a twelve year old specialist, had nine ampules of blood taken by a ten year old, a chest xray by a nice lady and been assigned a bed for three o’clock by a lovely matronly manager. We nipped into Aeon for new pyjamas (had to be proper.......) and then as I was packing for admission, Bear took the marina car back. He came racing back having had to hire a car as the marina cars were all booked out for the afternoon. Bundled in the car with a six year old who drove us to the hire office and on we went, soon settled in my temporary nest.
Oh my, was the bed hard and I swear if I had thrown the pillow at anyone I could have been facing a murder charge.
The smashing surgeon came in to see me and promised to find out why I had such a problem swallowing and it getting stuck causing massive pain and later cramps akin to labour pains. I had opted for a single room with bathroom as I was soon to be given Colclear in preparation for a colonoscopy on the morrow. Much as I hate the taste of water I had to drink two and a half litres before eleven that night. I knew I would be in and out of the loo regularly (hence wanting my own porcelain) but nothing could have prepared me for a sit-in all through the night. At a quarter past three in the morning (without putting too finer a description), I thought I could have put out a small town fire. At quarter past five another dose of the ‘should carry a Government warning’ and another two litres before eight. OH MY.
At nine thirty I was wheeled in for my endoscopy and straight after my colonoscopy. Thank heavens for three doses of valium. Later that afternoon came my lovely surgeon to tell me I could go home on fibre, a PPI and two different anti-spasmodics (one for upper and one for lower). He said I had an area of potential baby ulcers (gastritis) and an interesting peristaltic wave that goes backwards instead of forwards which caused the labour pains, as well as diverticulitis. Home we went with a sack of brightly coloured stuff and the promise to follow a massively restrictive diet.
Wednesday began as if it was Sunday, I was feeling a little bruised and battered when Bear offered boiled eggs. I brightened when he invited me to look in the pot, even the four extras to make hard boiled had gone mad.
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Splendid egg events and the chirpy chap who has to go to Kuala Lumpur to have the abscess under his gold crown finely drilled under a microscope and sorted, but for today a swim, some games and salmon salad for supper. The real week can begin tomorrow..........
Chirpy chops caught in action as I visited Beez to collect the old shower curtain to use as a template and take a few measurements.
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Beez undercoat has lost all the pink stripes.
I spent the rest of the week altering a ‘far too large’ suitcase cover (bought by mistake) to fit my desk.
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A real faff of a job but rather chuffed with the outcome.
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Bear did the Beez engine service and vanished the back of the new instrument panel, now at 404 for me to varnish the front.
A really full hotel made for a very noisy weekend. We heard fireworks at gone eleven and rushed to the side staircase but nothing more as we stared at the go-kart track.
Looking down we did see a few crackers as everyone ‘saw in’ and welcomed the Year of the Dog.
                     WHAT A WEEK