Bushfires Beside Us

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 7 Mar 2016 23:57
Bushfires Beside and Behind Coasters Retreat
We picked up a buoy in Coasters Retreat having seen smoke as we came in to the bay. Hoping it was some controlled undergrowth burning.
DSC_2298  DSC_2303  DSC_2305
No. We then saw two helicopters working with buckets and the ‘fire chief’ or someone clearly monitoring the situation flew over the same circle for ages. The pin point accuracy was quite something to behold. Fly over with a full bucket, hover lower and lower, release some water, then some more as if the bucket was being swung knew what to do until the last drop fell. Off to fill the bucket once more.
DSC_2322  DSC_2327  DSC_2331
Fascinating to watch the care with which each bucket was discharged.
DSC_2319  IMG_2412
We would watch an area smoke, then all of a sudden a tree would burst into flames.
When the last bucket of water was dropped to our far left, the flames were put out.
Directly behind us things were billowing.
To our left flames.
DSC_2316  DSC_2317  IMG_2415
The last of the day and the last time the ‘chief’ flew over.
By supper time we could see the flames travelling down the hill toward the houses.
IMG_2427  IMG_2432  IMG_2434
Now tree flashes were so very dramatic.
By the time we went to bed we had seen many firemen dropped off at the jetty, their torches showing white and twinkling as they walked. It was clear they were going to do everything they could to protect the houses, but what a task they had ahead of them. We could hear crackling as we watched as the fire took a firm grip. We got up during the night and many times saw the little fire boat come past with more firemen, or relief firemen for the exhausted ones. We wished for their safety.
                     VERY DRAMATIC TO SEE FLAMES