Three New Taps

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 3 Oct 2017 22:57
Three New Taps All in a Line
IMG_4969  IMG_4970
My dear old kitchen tap complete with hose inlay done at speed before we could leave Thursday Island – done as I remember as a temporary measure to get us going.........Mmmm. Note dent in second picture, done with a block of ice shortly after my kitchen was completed way back in Trinidad, clearly the ice block won.......... Mmmmm. Well it was New Year’s Eve.......Mmmmm.
IMG_4981  IMG_4984
I sent Bear down to feed Timmy still muttering I never knew that was how the dent appeared, I always thought it was the cupboard falling on it. Goes to show what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you.........Bear didn’t wait for Timmy to push her food to the edge and have to be released, he just tipped it out on the floor.......If you think I’m standing over a cat while it eats half a tin of tuna with Cornflakes mixed in and have to release compressed stuff with my finger, you’ve got another think coming. Steady.....Have you ever seen a tin opener flung with such accuracy.
Bear has.
Mind your mouthing Bear.
IMG_4986  IMG_4987
Poor Bear had to dismantle the tap as everything had corroded then he had to prepare it for serious surgery with the grinder.
IMG_4990  IMG_4991
Just before lunchtime the old tap was off. I didn’t say a thing about the mess and actually offered to be the clean up merchant at the end of the day.
IMG_4992  IMG_4993
Judging by the work surfaces  - where was a girl to prepare lunch, I know on the stairs. Tuna and mayonnaise pita breads with chopped Chinese leaf and tomato sprang to mind.......I’ll have to go over the way to wash my hands. Oh no you won’t. I’ll wait quietly then. Best do. I had yoghurt, chopped apple and seeds. I’ll pour a shandy then ??? That will be nice. Lunch prepared and off he went to wash. A five two loss at backgammon had me as cross as a wasp. But....Best go down the Silencio route at this point. Almost inaudibly, I’ll get back to the taps then. Safe choice Captain.
IMG_4994  IMG_4996
All afternoon Bear ploughed on until by about four my general tap was in place next to my filtered water tap.
Always cheerful, Bear put my third (salt water) tap in place for approval.
IMG_4999  IMG_5000
Salt water tap in place (doesn’t need an on-off as it is foot-pumped). All three taps can turn in each direction, lay down and stand up, no risk of the cupboard falling down and denting one......No, Dear.
Now for the shoulder crunching, cramp producing angles to tighten everything up. Still smiling, though.
IMG_5002  IMG_5006
All done, a brilliant job. Showered and suppered by seven, time for a couple of games of tri-ominoes. Will you be doing my bathroom tap on the morrow. No, I’ll be as stiff as a board and I need a tap break, so we’ll do chores and shopping on the morrow. Quit while I’m ahead. A big thank you, a final glance and a stroke before bed.
sundaypalladium_000  palladium
Looks like the Sunday Night of the London Palladium with dear old Brucie.
IMG_5008  IMG_5013
                     GOOD JOB DONE – VERY SMART INDEED