Dorothy Falls and Creek

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Mon 1 Sep 2014 22:57
Dorothy Falls and Creek
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I knew this day was getting closer, to write a blog that is, well how suitable to write one dedicated to my mum – Dorothy Millard. We parked Mabel just behind the bridge over Dorothy Creek. I posed in front of Dorothy Falls and then we took the dozen or so strides to stand in front of the falls.
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The bottom of Dorothy Falls. If we zoomed in we could make out the top.
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Next up was the Dorothy Creek Walk through the woods along the track.
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The path went through a natural ‘gateway’. The trunk was a deep red colour.
The trees thinned out and we found ourselves walking beside Dorothy Creek.
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The very shallow water slowly joined Lake Kaniere.
Lake Kaniere was huge and mirror still.
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Incredibly, just behind my mum’s creek was someone else's mum’s seat. I sat for a while and thought about mum.
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Meanwhile, mischief was planning. “We’ve done enough reflections, we’ve done the splosh at Peter’s Pool. Now I’m after the reflection in the reflection.” Right then. I tried to please with a couple of small stones, but refused flatly to lift the suggested railway sleeper, although I had to agree it “would have made one girt big splash.” Back to stone selecting.
I had to agree that this effort was a puny one. “Our blog readers demand more.” Yes dear. So we went back to the original launch site, bigger stone......grr.
I was rather pleased with our best effort.
Back to Mabel and onward to find a picnic spot by the lake. Farewell to the Dorothy’s.
                     A LOVELY LOCATION