Sunday Ashore

Our Sunday on Palmerston
BB Sunday Ashore 002
Bill and Nagariki came to pick us up at eight thirty. On the way to the house Bill showed us the island cannon, Bear’s trigger finger was at it before I could say pose. Bill told us that the parson was sick, sadly, no church service.
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Caroline in her Sunday best. I found Bill alarming in his pinny. Nurse-like with his belt on, oh how Bear clashes. Sunday here on the island is strictly observed as a day of Mass, feasting and rest, no music, no television. Mum led a house service as there was no church, then there was lunch.
CP Sunday Ashore 005  CP Sunday Ashore 006  BB Sunday Ashore 008
Once again Juliana worked her young magic. Rose settled Sarah (Arthur’s mum) in her best Sunday hat, who sat next to Mum (Inano). Arthur was next to me. Many pots were brought to the table, Grace was said. I have to say it was the first time in my life I have ever sat down to Sunday dinner at half past ten in the morning.
CP Sunday Ashore 001  CP Sunday Ashore 002  BB Sunday Ashore 009
An enormous pile of lamb chops and coleslaw, Bear of course dug in and filled his plate.
BB Sunday Ashore 007
Metz served fish.
BB Sunday Ashore 010
Pudding at eleven o’clock was a bit hard to get down with the smell of fish.
BB Sunday Ashore 004
Bear smiled as usual throughout. Metz was most insistent that we go to the guest room to sleep for the afternoon. We wanted everyone to do as they normally do and Arthur and the two mums settled to chat with us. A great afternoon of genealogy ensued. Arthur had cousins in New Zealand and Australia who had done a lot of research and produced hand drawn family trees. So interesting to find out that on Arthur’s male line there were distant relatives from both England and Scotland.
BB Sunday Ashore 019  BB Sunday Ashore 017
Nagariki was first to go to sleep.
BB Sunday Ashore 020  BB Sunday Ashore 022
Exhausted, Juliana was next.
BB Sunday Ashore 029  BB Sunday Ashore 030
Metz settled in the yacht club.
BB Sunday Ashore 027
Bill slept for a while, then read in his hammock.
BB Sunday Ashore 098
Late afternoon and everyone was ready for a cup of tea. Arthur gave me a lecture on coconuts. He had been very diplomatic when I said I preferred Bounty Bar coconuts to the ones with lots of water and not much flesh. All these years I thought there were two different kinds.
BB Sunday Ashore 090
He said from now on an “old coconut would forever be called a Pepe coconut.” Now I know a young one has skinny meat and lots of water, an old one has lots of meat and contains milk and as it grows a root the shell fills with a pulpy baby that will feed the new plant as it takes root. It should be one root to one nut but there are always exceptions.
BB Sunday Ashore 091  BB Sunday Ashore 092
Nagariki poses a double for me.
BB Sunday Ashore 035
A special mention to Arthur’s flip flops, that he declares have another five thousand miles tread left...........Time for Bill to take us home.
BB Sunday Ashore 103
No sooner than we saw Bill and Metz get back ashore than the wind went nuts.
BB Sunday Ashore 100
Within seconds the rain came so hard the island all but disappeared. Nothing for it but to hunker down and have a game or three.