Beez to 27/01/19

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 27 Jan 2019 23:57
Beez Neez to the 27th of January 2019
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Monday 21st. Bear began making a wooden hat for the air-con unit so the vent pipe is protected from the rain. The vent has to stick out from the sea berth toilet hatch as said machine stands below and dribbles away in the shower tray. I buried myself in admin did some washing, re-buried myself and didn’t see light of day until a late afternoon stomp getting to the pool at six. My little IPod wouldn’t stop or do anything, in fact completely frozen (for the second time) Mmmm. Tried to make Bear’s IPod Touch accept a book or two but the now Forum King said No, that was the last IPod design before they became no more as all the functions are now on IPhones and most music is in the cloud so even if you get a book on it can only be a short one. Nothing for it but to wait for my happily chatting away chap to wear his battery down and see if I can reset him. Meantime, knowing life at sea would be impossible without audiobooks (latest present from Bear was a James Clavell that lasts seventy-three hours – bliss), my watches go by so quickly once I’m absorbed in a good yarn, I ordered a Chinese knock-off as this one has to come from China I also found one near Kuala Lumpur and ordered that one as well, at four and five pounds each I’m not expecting much but if they play my books I’ll be delighted. Worth a shot at least.
Tuesday 22nd. Bear sanded and glued his air con hat. I buried myself once again in paperwork. So,.......... on our way back from our cooling dip in the pool at seven I asked Bear to put his pie in the oven while I finished my last few hundred stomps. I get home to a nice aroma and began chopping my salad. Where is my pen ??? it was on my notepad ready to write my weights down ??? I ask whilst fondling the pen lid, vexed in case I was losing my memory. I haven’t seen it says he all innocent like.........that should have put me on alert but on I went with my chopping, began his baked potato in the microwave followed by his green beans and gravy prep....... All done and ready to serve, out came the baking tray with a suspicious shiny shape with two black dollops in the right-hand corner. Yep Bear had baked my Bic Biro........Oops, I owe you a new baking tray. I’ll give you oops and to add insult to injury I was savaged on the Mex Train Doms court. Double Oops. Growling and snarling.
Wednesday 23rd. Medical Insurance bought. Sad day when your faithful little selotape machine begins to leak sand from his base. Swift emergency treatment with silver gaffer tape and the small haemorrhage was abated. Phew. Wish all my admin hassles were as easy to deal with. A bitter blow came late in the day when Christophe had to admit that his company could no longer cover Chagos......... swearing a blue streak but after supper settled to try two other companies recommended to us by fellow yachties. Wonderful to see Patricia and Allan (Nauti Nauti) again by the pool. Supper at the cafe tomorrow night.
Quote of the day – I’ll take on the toilets any day rather than the admin, it must always strictly stay as a Pink Job. You wait until you next service one of the toilets and start ticking like a clock....... I will certainly try my best not to wibble on, moan or tick........ Mmmm. I may even go so far as to promise. Steady. Finished printing for our port guides (hard copy necessary in case no internet) at midnight but folder now brimming with onward ports to St Helena. Fully expecting more of the same on the morrow. My old little IPod has behaved quite well since I rebooted him. The knock off clearly needs a new saddle (little memory card) and since Snoopy has been retired due to old age and and frayed, my temporary IPod holder and lanyard resembled a scruffy ball of wool.
Thursday 24th. 06:45 email pinged from Susan, (the insurance broker Patricia and Allan recommended), she would try and get us a quote after one working day if we “fill in the form below”. Come on, as I leapt to attention behind my laptop. A bleary-eyed skipper followed me to the lounge and brought up the email on his IPad to tell me the answers. He found the various bits of info and I typed like a banshee. All sent an hour later. Time for a cup of tea methinks, no make that wethinks....... The rest of the morning flew by in a few chores and more typing.  
Friday 25th. Bear back to laying down on the job, again. For me more printing and yet another insurer applied to. Our insurer will cover Chagos but not East Coast Africa all the other seem to be able to do East Coast Africa and not Chagos. Quandary still ongoing. However, the Sand Plan has come on and now sports harbour entrance and anchorages with Latitude and Longitudes noted.
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Saturday 26th. Bear was given an admin task. Ooooooo. To apply for a Permit for Chagos as a last ditched attempt. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh away dear boy....... and let your digits lovingly caress each and every letter on your laptop. Ahhhhmmmm. He disappeared and all went quiet for some time. Make that a long time. Well I had to stop and download the drivers for the printer, welcome to brushing with my world. Huh. Going through the form carefully, Bear unsurprisingly gave up. At six Chris and Steve (Scott-Free), Allan and Patricia (Nauti Nauti) and us met in the cafe to eat an early supper and then to play Mexican Train Dominoes. Pictures taken by Chris.
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Tricia brought her set of doms and instead of little trains as our men she produced a box and we had to choose a creature with a bobbing head each. Chris chose and adorable dragon, during the evening she fed him a crisp, coffee break, enjoyed him (well.....) when her train became available and was sad to say farewell to him.
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Allan, our very own Jack Nicholson lookalike move his glasses between near and far sight. Adding up his score and Tricia’s face as she sneaks the losers crown from Allan and me (my first round I was caught for 101 and three later 147, I thought I was the loser by a huge margin). In the end there was only about thirty between the three of us. Of course Bear won and spent the rest of the evening with that smug look on his face genius of course. Growling loudly.
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Sunday 27th. Breakfast and Bear settled to putting on Beez new cover as our tarpaulin has shredded over the past fortnight. I set about another blog from Hong Kong. Eggs for brunch, I lost at backgammon and Bear went to ring Mr Din to organise a car for my dental visit to Mrs Chew on the morrow. A minute later it was four o’clock. Skipper went to the pool, I did my stomps and had a very swift dip in a freezing pool, Mr Sun well and truly hiding.
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Amazing when there is no wind and the hotel boys lay up a pretty table with lamps.
Between the pool pretty table and the far bar yet another table.
                      PLODDING ALONG