Beez to 11th March

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 11 Mar 2018 23:57
Beez to the 11th of March
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On Monday Bear got down to finishing the propeller, the result is a very shiny beast, that done he filled and sanded the rudder. I was on board gluing a green glass strip around the en suite sink (cannot abide sikaflex when it dulls and looks stained), back tomorrow to fill. I went back to 404 to continue the labourious job of covering the cockpit chairs. Bear came back with the paint Jimmy had delivered with the two smallest ceiling panels from the lounge for my test pieces. Filled with excitement as the test worked. Yay.
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On Tuesday I filled the green strip, Bear fitted our new tap and painted inside the cupboard below. Between first and second coats in the office I painted the acrylic ceiling, scrubbed throughout and hung the new, little curtain made from what was trimmed from the new shower curtain – en suite finished.
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The paint I had sourced, ordered by Audrey (Jimmy’s lady in his shop) had proved a success with my tiny lounge panels, now it was time for a real test drive – in the office. Three tins of Murobond Pure, 100% acrylic, flexible, quick drying, non-smell, non-sticky, pearl white. The office vinyl (the worst room) had dulled from pale cream to deep beige due to age and the constant misting of diesel dust, although I scrub every three months or so, it was time for serious TLC. I painted two lines to show the difference, wow.
IMG_0004  IMG_0020
Before and after. Despite flatly refusing to ever, ever do any more varnishing, I may feel the need to do a quick sand and add a new top coat (Bear will be locked out of Beez completely). Voile panel made and ready to hang – last job before we call Beez ready for the off in January.
I painted a couple of panels on the lounge ceiling, not such a huge difference but already things are looking brighter.
IMG_0009  IMG_0027  IMG_0023
Jimmy did a grey undercoat, replacing the first black line as he was not happy with the finish. New first coat black looking good.
Beez Neez gave Bear dirty knees.
IMG_0021  IMG_0026  IMG_0029
Friday morning I stayed in 404 to gather stuff together for our trip to KL and to keep out of the way as Bear had the rudder ready to rehang, the marina boys arrived with the Sea Lift for a quick up and down. First, they had to break the weld that holds the front two stands, move them out of the way so the lift could be steered in.
Sea Lift slowly moving in to place.
IMG_0032  IMG_0034  IMG_0048
Boys working steadily and carefully.
Rudder in place, the boys happy and keen to help Bear. Sea Lift away and stands replaced and welded, love these boys so much.
Beez looking lovely – until we took a closer look at the black stripe, lots of embedded dust and a couple of runs.........
IMG_0057  IMG_0059  IMG_0061
This morning we finished our final bits of packing, first time I have ever put potatoes in in my case. Bear hard-boiled eggs. I made packed lunch and we headed down the reception. Once there we had fun watching our Uber taxi as it did a drop-off and made its way to us. A lovey helicopter engineer in the Malaysian Navy who drives when he can to help feed his wife and five daughters. Excellent English, good conversation and the next hour and forty minutes sped by.
IMG_0062  IMG_0063
Ipoh Station in good time, we settled in the waiting room for fifteen minutes and were called soon after.
IMG_0065  IMG_0068  IMG_0069
It took ages for the hundreds of people to get on, in a lull I snapped Bear. We pulled out (going backwards), glimpsing the station, in the coldest carriage we have ever been on. As soon as the ticket men had been we ate our picnic.
At ten to four we were in the bustle of KL and looking for the taxi stand.
Ten minutes in the taxi and we saw the Petronas Towers in amongst the many tall buildings of the city.
We brought all the boys with us (half of Bear’s case) as Minh had been bereft the first time I left him to go to hospital, it was only one night, we couldn’t bring him and Beds and not the here they are. We were given a free upgrade as the basic hotel rooms with kitchenettes were full, we ended up on the Premium Floor in a massive apartment.
IMG_0078  IMG_0079
The entrance had a big washroom to the left and a massive kitchen to the right, we had expected a kettle, small fridge and a microwave. We had a full size fridge freezer, full oven with hob, sink, cupboards and microwave. Next came the dining area and the lounge at the far end.
IMG_0077  IMG_0075  IMG_0076
We found yet another huge TV in the bedroom, with two big desks. Along the corridor lined with walk-in cupboards each side and one at the end, the bathroom off to the right. I marched two V-shapes, the bedroom door being in the middle of the X and measured sixty four strides. Glad neither of us has agoraphobia. Nothing for it but a game of backgammon, yes, we brought our huge board which took up the other half of Bear’s case. Early night in readiness for Chinese Visa applications on the morrow. 
View from the lounge window looking toward KL Tower.
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