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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 17 Jul 2016 10:00
To Indonesia – Days One to Three
15th of July 2016. All was well this morning. After a gentle start everything was ready for the off at 08:00 to set sail for Indonesia, that was until I found a varicose vein and Bear appeared the toilet is blocked. Is it I managed to say calmly. I’ll be as quick as I can but I may have to take it out, strip it and give it a good once over – a few hours at worst. Lucky, lucky toilet. Although I’m delighted to report that blocked toilets fall into the blue job list, I felt a little less than calm and a little more irked........
IMG_0201  IMG_0199
I looked over at Georgina and then a closer look at our neighbour Consequence as bits of pipe appeared in the cockpit. I’ll go and write a blog. More pipe went by and there was the threat of the whole toilet coming out. No. We both saw the light at the same time – use sea berth toilet (and if all else fails we can always bucket and chuck it). Pipes back in, magic cleaner that caused smoke and gurgling - and there it was all back in action, I only wish I could the same for my varicose vein.........
Up came the anchor at 08:40, Bear was a lather of sweat, I took my final look at what will surely be a contender in this years One Careful Owner and off we went. Seven hundred and some loose change sea miles.
The anchorage still has some rally boats waiting for parts or clearance but most have gone.
Double Trouble – the final parked lady before our left turn across the bay.
Through the gap at the end of the bay I spotted a chum, a triumphant voice deep inside was keen to shout “I’m coming”.
A quick turn to windward, up with the main (proper sailors today) and we glided past the final piece of Australia.
We looked back and waved and onward. I managed to send a couple of emails and a final one letting Border Force we had left before we lost all internet connection with the Pink Island.
IMG_0212  IMG_0216  IMG_0213
Passing the left door frame, Paw Paw overtakes and a chum approaches.
NYK Furano looked splendid in the afternoon sunshine. Heading to Brisbane at 7.4 knots, this lady is 267 metres in length, 36 metres wide with a 11.2 metre draught (we only had 10.8 metres below us..........).
IMG_0224  IMG_0226
Soul about to pass (incredibly I was listening to the Locomotion just as a little bit of rhythm and a lot of soul, so come on, come on.....was playing), skipper Mike checking how the sails are flying. All looking lovely.
Bear caught some Zzzzzzz’s after his very busy morning.
Our first sunset on the Arafura Sea.
Just before dark Serica was nearby.
16th of July 2016. Day Two. At eight thirty we had completed a hundred and fifty miles, fairly rough sea at about three out of ten on our scale with gusts to twenty eight knots. Speed average at six point two five knots (everything from 4.8 to 8.4). A few cheeky waves decided to do a Fosbury Flop over the pram hood and the gaming table stayed out of action. Sleep between watches was a must to catch up on some of the frantic activity over the last few weeks. Days end and finally things began to settle into a wonderful set.
17th of July 2016. By eight thirty on day three the Beez had covered three hundred and five miles with four hundred and one to do. Average speed 6.46 knots. After two days of non playing it was time to break out the backgammon and Bear fancied stew for lunch. Everything in a perfect rhythm. Bang. The outhaul shackle disintegrated (the thingy that keeps the main sail at the back of the track), Bear rigged a temporary bridle to keep things happy until he could have a rummage.
A quick look at the chartplotter and there was land – on a big scale of course.
IMG_0239  IMG_0241
Bear found a new shackle, soon in place and in a jiffy the main was being cranked back in the correct position. 
The repair was not quite robust enough and this shackle bent, time to call it – a reef in and sail corner put to bed. A lovely sunny and warm day with the sea a beautiful blue, time to get the backgammon out.
Worn out by a swift loss the skipper took to a gentle snore as I listened to the Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. I also had a picture in mind.........
............Some girls are lucky enough to get the best view on the high seas.......
                    CRACKING SAILING