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Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 29 Apr 2012 22:31
Fort Lauderdale Air Show
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Yet again we get up to murky skies but the planned air show went ahead, a strange view from the anchorage

NBC Miami reported: “After a five-year hiatus, the Lauderdale Air Show is back and flying high over the skies at Fort Lauderdale Beach. The air show, though, isn’t just bringing the Coast Guard this year, it's bringing money – and lots of it. With the show this Saturday and Sunday and Fleet Week also taking place, this weekend promises to be one of the busiest tourist weekends in South Florida. “That weekend alone could pay my entire rent for two months,” said Megan Haggins, a bartender in Fort Lauderdale. Roughly 1 million people are expected to line the beach to see the Air Force Thunderbirds headline the show among other military aircraft and aerobatic pilots. “This is our chance to showcase what the taxpayers are paying their hard earned tax dollars for,” Coast Guard Lt. Bill Dunbar said.

The air show used to wow thousands on Fort Lauderdale Beach, but several years ago the main sponsor, McDonald’s, pulled its support. The show had difficulty surviving after that, and the last show was held in 2007.”

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Despite the dull skies, many small boats came in to Lake Sylvia to have fun, keep their drink dry and watch the displays
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Planes, drizzle, cold – boats left and smiles faded
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We did enjoy the planes, sitting snug in the conservatory – in between flights we played games, but felt sorry for the organisers

The Miami Herald on Wednesday – “Severe rain, wind and thunderstorms Sunday forced the cancellation of the second day of the Lauderdale Air Show, organizers said this morning hours before the show’s scheduled start at noon. The weekend’s Fleet Week activities, which are presented by the U.S. Armed Forces and include tours of vessels in port for the weekend, will take place as scheduled. But things won’t be the same without the aerial extravaganza that fills Fort Lauderdale’s and Hollywood’s skies with the roar of jet planes and squadrons flying in formation. “Public safety is our number one concern, and this is more than a rain event. It’s severe weather,’’ said Chuck Malkus, a spokesman for B. Lilley Productions, the Cocoa Beach-based company that stages the annual Lauderdale Air Show.

The show will not be rescheduled for this year. Instead, organizers issued a statement telling fans: “We hope to see you in 2013.’’ ”



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So on Sunday I saw no planes but the rarest sight in thirty odd years of playing Backgammon. That’s Bear’s whites in my house and what did the captain say ???


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