New Bed

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 18 Oct 2011 22:46
The New Mattress Arrives
Dennis arrived at five o'clock with our new, new mattress. A leviathan from the deep to get aboard, the weight similar to a hefty sized mule. The picture is just the foot end coming indoors. I had a fit of the giggles; so Bear had to fight his way round to add more 'pulling power'.
Eventually the three of us got it down into the kitchen. The pictures may look out of focus, but the little point and shoot couldn't cope with the speed of Dennis and his hips movements
Safely in place and chance for Dennis to take a shot of 'the beast' in its new home
Try out time for all of us
Stand back and say "WOW", admire the width and the depth
Now the top of our bed is a full thirty two inches from the floor, that means there is only one way to get on, with a run and leap - a la Fosbury Flop
The only way off is via a 'black run'
There is to be no passing of wind, impure thoughts or nose picking. The bed is a huge success and Bear has no more shoulder ache. The sheer weight and size of this gargantuan addition to Beez Neez means I can no longer make it alone (must be a comment in there somewhere) Bear has to help me fight the bedding on. The new head supports (heavy enough to kill in a very minor pillow fight) are still under test. I managed a few nights - then reunited myself with my goose down in 100% cambric (third only my entire life). Bear has carried on with his but has had to slip his old under-pillow back under the new one and this seems to work a treat.
                    VERY COMFORTABLE