Quick Update

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 9 Jul 2019 02:35
Quick Update
When the sun shines – simply paradise
Bobby (named by Bear), our guardian and now firm friend comes to see us every day, his favourite perch is on Baby Beez outboard. He likes to sit on the duogen when we shower, is known to use the top of the mast at patrol time but is happiest when he can see us. I have a minute long video of him sitting on the outboard quite happy until Bear went at full throttle (to get up on the plane for fuel economy), he took off but came with us to another island patrolling the sky above and on our return nestled on the duogen once more (shower time).
So many great snorkel adventures. Watching a young moray eel wiggle out of the water to try to catch a crab. Half an hour with a turtle as he scruffed about in the coral for stumpy grass. So lovely.
We have been on our own here since the 25th of June and loving it.
Preparations are underway for our departure date – the 12th of July.
Hope to arrive in Madagascar by the 27th but unsure about internet until we check in to Helville and buy a SIM card – may take several days to do the one hundred and twenty miles from the top of Mada to Hellville. So no worrying until at least mid-August. Then we will be back with full gusto. Twenty five blogs are ready..................
I will try to put on weekly quickies until then. 
                          A WONDERFUL TIME ON A TRUE DESERT ISLAND