Namrole Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 3 Aug 2016 22:37
Namrole Bimble
A herd of us in blue Namrole rally tee shirts in company with our individual boat guides set off toward the market seemingly following a trio of goats, makes a bit of a change from chickens.
Within seconds Bear was driving a ‘one careful owner’ sporting his traditional headwear.
IMG_1244  IMG_1245
Our first supermarket and ladies boutique next door.
Berger Paint garages.
IMG_1248  IMG_1247
Our next shop was more hardware with a shelter and thoughtfully placed funnel. Dodgy looking fluid half filled the two litre water bottles – petrol for the motorbikes and scooters.
IMG_1249  IMG_1250
New build / old build – difficult to tell. A rooster and his laydee have taken the sand pile as their courting ground.
IMG_1251  IMG_1252
A car inspection pit next to a chapel.
IMG_1253  IMG_1259
Another ‘petrol station in pink’, no thoughtfully placed funnel. Opposite a public bin complete with chickens.
A gorgeous Berger House.
IMG_1256  IMG_1258
Am abandoned kiddies play park with ghost tour.
IMG_1257  IMG_1260
An ominous sign and B&Q.
Mrs Regents restaurant.
IMG_1263  IMG_1264
Not a inspection pit but a car wash we are told. A happy little house.
IMG_1289  IMG_1290
By the time we had taken our turn around the market the lady of the happy house had put out her washing. I loved this hardware store.
Much activity outside B&Q as an order had come in.
Quite a handsome little chap.
IMG_1296  IMG_1297
A very posh shop. Telephones, Sim cards and sunglasses on the left. Out of curiosity we all went over to look at what was on offer, A Samsung Galaxy Ace 1 was a million and a half Rupiah (about seventy five pounds). The right side of the shop was totally dedicated to shampoo, conditioner and perfume. I had to walk incredibly quickly past the drying cloves, I simply loath the strong aroma of the beastly things.
Traditional head carrying or hands free.
I stopped to take a picture of this sad sight, a gorgeous bird tied to a metal perch by a metal tether, no sign of Trill or fresh water. The idiot looking at me on the right said “Come to Papa” at which point I felt the need to be rude, I’m not sure if he knows what “in your dreams pencil p---k” means but it made me feel a little better. It didn’t stop him from then roaring up and down the road on his special two-stroke rent-a-wreck acting the tool he really is.
We all spun when this trusty mobile rocketed into life with a sudden roar. Particularly struck by the Chelsea Football Club sticker proudly placed at the front for all to see. We would have loved a ride in this super, air-conditioned love bug.
 IMG_1305  IMG_1306
By the time we had stopped back at our first supermarket for Gin to buy bread we had quite the gang of happy, smiling children.
IMG_1307  IMG_1308
The sight literally outside the port entrance.
Back at base we settled for a beer, me a shandy and to watch the children having fun leaping off the rickety jetty. Michael was gleaming with hot news. Last night the boys had been rooked by Mrs-Regents-Bintang-Beer-stranglehold at 80,000 Rupiah, just over four pounds a bottle. The boys told Raymond our rally coordinator that no more of the golden fluid would be purchased by any of us – price drop to 30,000 or one pound fifty.......... Back to Beez for a shower, ready to return at five o’clock for the evening program.
                     A VERY SPREAD-OUT VILLAGE