Simon and the Falcons

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 17 May 2010 22:37
This is Simon, the final part of my 50th birthday present, Thank You so very much Big Bear. Also a HUGE thank you to Sam at the London Camera Exchange (good luck to David as he goes part-time and to Martin who takes the helm as manager - a kiss for you both) in Plymouth for all the help, advise, time, effort, research and emails you put in to me being able to "tuck" the Sigmonster under my arm - NOT. If you type Sigmonster into Google you will find many hits for this Goliath weighing in at thirteen pounds, some twenty six inches long and 300 to 800mm telephoto lens. I don't have to concern myself with these stats as it is the task of "my beautiful assistant" who has always been my porter on shoots. I can resign the post you know. ........No comment. Everyone assumed I named it as I had christened my 200-500mm 'the beast', but no, someone / many got there first. There is a great article where the lens is being tested and the little bird being photographed has a caption that reads "Holy crap!  That guy's pointing a nuclear missile launcher at me!"
Mrs Walker was clearly impressed when we had a trial set-up in her garden
Chris took us to Plym Woods to test drive Simon. We watched the falcon mum feed her chicks. Food eaten...... Simon with a x2 convertor attached ie 32000mm lens
...Time to take off seeking a new catch for her growing young. The viewing platform is non-sturdy wood so every jogger that passed made it wobble 
Mum with her male and female babies watching her first wing beat
One baby settling to sleep off his feed, his sister having a stretch. Not impressed with Simon well...........
On the viaduct I shot this at 18mm. Can you see a Peregrine Falcon nest?
This shot at 200mm. Unless you know where the nest is, it is impossible to make it out, so I am likely to fall in love with Simon. But not on all shoots !!! Please...