Lizard Snorkel

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 5 Jul 2016 22:47
Lizard Island Clam Field Snorkel
IMG_1768  IMG_1766  IMG_1767
Just to the right of the anchorage is a huge reef that we had been told held a huge amount of clams and giant clams, planted by a research project many, many years ago. We simply could not leave Australia without being able to say we had snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef, so off we went. We tied Baby Beez to the thick tether left by the National Parks people and began at the ‘dead edge’. Soon chunks of the usual suspects came into view.
 IMG_1767  IMG_1787  IMG_1833  IMG_1835
IMG_1846  IMG_1839  IMG_1861  IMG_1809
Lovely, healthy coral, sadly no Nemo homes.
 IMG_1804  IMG_1828
Worms to keep me happy.
 IMG_1877  IMG_1878  IMG_1876
The best entertainment was watching this chap take a shower. Busy cleaner fish bringing a smile to his face.
 IMG_1881  IMG_1886  IMG_1889  IMG_1890
His pleasure was brought to an end as a bully shoved him out of the cubicle.
The biggest, fattest cucumber we have ever seen.
IMG_1826  IMG_1860
Clams everywhere.
IMG_1824  IMG_1807  IMG_1862  IMG_1815
IMG_1914  IMG_1863  IMG_1778
IMG_1909  IMG_1899  IMG_1884  IMG_1867
Fish of all shapes and sizes.
IMG_1857  IMG_1859  IMG_1860
IMG_1855  IMG_1836  IMG_1856
IMG_1871  IMG_1872
The clams kept most of out attention.
The second they sensed us near they closed up, how close they live to their neighbours.
IMG_1800  IMG_1830
The clams were mostly in the blue range and averaged six or seven inches across.
IMG_1819  IMG_1818
The great-great-grandpa of them all. Such a pity I didn’t have ‘my trusty beautiful assistant’ nearby at the time, to put his hand near this old chap for perspective - you’ll just have to take my word that he was just shy of a metre across and been here for well over a century.
IMG_1849  IMG_1850  IMG_1851
I loved being photo-bombed.
Our last little lady packed up for a sleep, time for us to nip home for a shower and meet everyone on the beach for sundowners.
                     SPECIAL FOR THE GIANT CLAMS