Two Up

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 5 Apr 2013 22:07
Room for Two ???
BB 1st Time Ashore 001
We went to bed knowing Lenny (now on familiar terms with Len / Leonard) was tucked up and happy. He had been fishing a couple of times and was full, content and tired. At three in the morning I heard a dreadful racket, barking and whimpering – now Lenny is not the biggest lad and I didn’t want his place taken by some big, smelly, bad-tempered old man. I felt a repeat of my night sister act on the two naughty red foots on Sunday. I leaned over the back rail and shouted for order. Lenny smiled as the interloper shot into the water and peace once again reigned. Next morning though we were introduced to Lionel. Not a big, smelly, bad-tempered old man, but a little cutey like our Lenny.

BB 1st Time Ashore 005  BB 1st Time Ashore 004

Lenny in his usual place on the left


BB 1st Time Ashore 002

Meet Lionel


BB 1st Time Ashore 003

Stop It. I can hear the collective Arrrrrrrr’s from here


BB 1st Time Ashore 007

We sprayed Lenny as usual, Lionel watched and thought it was OK, he turned around in the shower and re-settled


BB 1st Time Ashore 009

Don’t start that Arrr-ing again


BB 1st Time Ashore 010

OK, so we think he’s cute too


BB 1st Time Ashore 011

We left in the dollar water taxi for our first walk ashore. The boys settled in for the afternoon.


Oh my, just look at the state of Beez water line, we cleaned it before we left Contadora. Well that’s the Pacific for you, just bubbling with life. Back on board, Lionel had left a message to say he’d gone fishing. Lenny had snuck just that bit further over, showing he is our numero uno.


BB 1st Time Ashore 090