To Key West

To Key West
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We had the anchor up by 07:10 for our last trip in the United States of America – to Key West
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Todays journey thirty nine miles, the next to Havana ninety miles and then to Guatemala, a further six hundred and ninety miles
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Disused rail bridge – probably courtesy of our mate Henry Flagler, but we will check. Key West dangles at the end of a one hundred and thirteen mile, forty two bridge ocean skimming highway, that tethers fifty one of the eight hundred and twenty two Florida Keys to the mainland. New York to Key West by road is 1,438.9 miles along the I-95. It is said non-stop the journey can be done in twenty five hours.
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‘Snowbirds’. Hundreds of boats head to Key West to wander around the tchotchke shops (what a great word – for the Barmy Army of blog readers in the UK – grockle shops) and over winter. Then head north as soon as the temperature rises.
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Approaching Key West
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BIG Coast Guard lady. This is a major working station for the service so close to Cuba, nearer than Miami.
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As we entered the channel and trotted along in its washing machine currents and bent marker buoy, it was clear we were going to have many, many ‘One Careful Owner’ opportunities
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We found the mooring field and passed Benji. She has already been entered for this years final, if not herself, then for her dinghy.
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Skippers new best friend is a nine inch pipe fish as he takes a cooling dip. Behind him a gaggle of sea birds chatter on an upturned dinghy
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As the sun was setting we asked our nearest neighbours if we were indeed on a City Marina mooring ball. “No that belongs to Lee, the City balls are around the corner”. Oh – something to sort out on the morrow
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