BB New Friend

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Thu 20 Aug 2015 22:57
Big Bear’s New Friend – A Shaky Beginning
We watched the sunset, ate supper and played a game of backgammon. Do you think I should chain Baby Beez. Well you know the rule, if you think it – do it. In the past we have had a rope fail when the D-ring attachment broke and the chain failed when the shackle came undone. With that, Bear picked himself up and disappeared off in the dark, standing on the stern platform this is how the conversation went.
It bit me
What did
It bit me
What bit you
I could have had a heart attack
That would suggest you would need to act quickly, so I doubt that very much......
It came as a terrible shock
What did
That it bit me
Well rather than repeat from the beginning like a stuck needle, I got up, reached for the torch and went to investigate.
Bear’s Petulant Petrel.
Getting wet in the fine rain, clearly this little lady had been offended when Bear had jingled the chain.
Next morning, there was an initial stand-off. Bear had thought his new friend had disappeared and climbed into Baby Beez. Oh my. She had hidden under the shelter of the seat and cuddled up to the petrol can. Another shock, this lady is not good for my nerves. Oh dear. She scuttled out on me.
Slightly huffy. What was next.........
Bear makes the first move.
Other than all the poop and a little indignity........
Little Lady was happy to be lifted.........
Kiss and make up.
IMG_4504  IMG_4505
Bear put her on the stern platform where she watched him put the steps up. I went to get her a bit of bacon for breakfast, Bear went to suspend Baby Beez from the side of Beez, we ate breakfast and our friend left for the days adventuring. Will you be clearing the poop up then........ Hey, she’s your friend. Huh.
                     A FEISTY LITTLE LADY