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Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 14 Mar 2016 23:57
Chores in Newcastle
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We have been in Newcastle a whole week, time has flown but chores and jobs needed to be done. We jumped up on our first morning to catch the bus to the nearest chandlery. Bear had done his homework, a ten minute walk, on the bus and a walk at the other end. Sounds like a plan. Fifty feet from the bus stop it sailed past. Not like Bear to not have us at a bus stop at least five minutes early. What time was the bus, ten to, but its gone five to. Oh. I look at his watch. Ooops, I remember, it stopped yesterday and I guestimated the time and forgot to check it. Right then, what time is the next one. Well the next one means a little to further to walk at the other end. I don’t want to ask, so we sit and chat. Next to us on the bin, of all things is a picture of an old brewery. Tooth & Co, 787 Hunter Street, Newcastle West.
1865 – Wine and spirit merchants Wood Brothers & Co, opened a store in Bolton Street and shortly afterwards became the sole agency for the distribution of Castlemaine Ale.
1869 – Marcus Clarke described Australians in the following way.... “They are not a nation of snobs like the English or of extravagant boasters like the American or of reckless profligates like the French, they are simply a nation of drunkards.”
1874 – After fire completely destroyed the premises, the company, then known as Prendergast, Wood & Co. engaged architect Oswald Lewis to design a magnificent brick and stone brewery. The chosen site was on the edge of Newcastle’s township, just beyond Cottage (Creek) Bridge.
The Castlemaine Brewery opened in 1876 and today this grand and ornate Victorian building still stands on the corner of Wood and Hunter Streets. It was so spectacular that local newspapers gushed that it was ‘perhaps the most imposing structure in Newcastle’. Significant extensions were undertaken in later years.
1888 -  The Great Northern Brewery Wine and Spirit Co. Ltd, was built in Wood Street. Castlemaine Brewery took over three years later after deciding it didn’t want any local competition.
Tooth & Company claimed Castlemaine Brewery in 1921, becoming part of the company’s hotel and brewing empire.
Today this beautiful building is presently undergoing restoration. Opposite the old fish market is boarded up but the building itself looks fairly well presented, hopefully there are plans for its future. The bus came. We got off where the driver told us too, then I tentatively asked how far. About an inch. My heart sank, the last time I heard that was in Fort Lauderdale and we ended up walking about four’s just thirty eight degrees Centigrade........ Oh I promise it’s not that far. We walked for half a mile and as we turned a corner I saw a derelict building........... Oh look it’s on the other side of the road. Colour me happy. I found a seat by the shoes and told my good man to take all the time he wanted to bimble. It’s for the damage your friends did, I’m only here to replace the Windex. Who said the cockatoos in Cammeray were my friends, but I know when to pick my battles. How far to the next bus stop. Back the way we came...........The same inch, back to the same bus stop. We got off at a huge shopping complex Westfield Kotara, an Italian lady took us to the point that she could point to the haberdashery I was after. A few bits in the supermarket and back home to Beez.
Bear did an oil change and ordered enough oil to do the three changes en route to Malaysia. I re-covered the headboard and the boys approved.
Yesterday, Bear went up the mast with his little shopping bag containing tools and the new Windex, metal and hopefully cockatoo chew-proof.
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All went well and I had to do a quick check to report that indeed, the markers were straight.
I left Bear stuck up the mast until he promised not to take me off in our next game of backgammon (which he reneged on – just the once – not the point) and then complained I let him down too quickly. What makes you think it was an easy ride............Well your glasses are still on aren’t they....... Just.
The vane that went up and the vane that came down.
The poor old Windex.
The cockatoos did less damage than the sun on the RWYC burgee.
Bear’s new picture.
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We bimbled to town and passed Caught 2012.
Such a shame the railway station and line has gone.  
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