North Devon

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 18 Sep 2011 21:17
A Quickie but a Goodie in North Devon
The Old Boys of Hatherleigh
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We didn’t think we would get the chance to get up to North Devon to see Roger, Sue and Sheila. We saw a late opportunity at the Tap and Barrel for an evening arrival, a quick phone call an all sorted. Candy and Cooper always go nuts and it’s wonderful to be here.
Smashing to see Sheila looking so well
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Well I have always said “I never know what’s going to happen next”. Well next morning Lawson is introducing his tool up the flue – so to speak. Now I have only ever seen a real chimney sweep once before when I was about seven or eight. This was such an experience. It is enough to make you lot go rushing to the DVD shelf and slip on Mary Poppins for the scene with Dick and his mates dancin’ on the rooftops. Well get jealous, this is the real deal.
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It’s worth coming here just for the placemats.....
However short the time is here with Sue and Rog – wouldn’t miss it for the world. Not sure about the soft, long hair Rog