Day 3 to Fiji

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 29 May 2015 12:00
Things Settle and Out Come the Needles and Noodles
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Good to report all is well on board and very pleased to say that Bear fancied a bread roll with cheese, lettuce and tomato for lunch. He never eats anything other than a biscuit or crisp or two for the first three days at sea. Things have settled into a comfortable rhythm, so much so out came the backgammon, I was thrilled to win five two and nary the men moved from their positions. Nice to play – shocking to lose. As lunch had gone so well I suggested sharing a bag of two-minute noodles, mushrooms and a small tin of chicken bits to make a hot, snack-sized meal as our first supper - when the skipper fancies it of course.
Everything is feeling so normal and we are really enjoying our trip – so settled in fact - out came the knitting needles. Oh I know that particular craft is like riding a bike but it did feel very weird. Six lines in and Bear and I could both wear my jacket-in-its-infancy. Bear held the thin snake and I wound the wool back to whence it came, cor, this reminds me of my childhood. Nice to sit and reminisce eh. Six lines redone and half way through the seventh the light began to fade. Just then at six o’clock Bear sat up, I fancy that business you offered, wow, seconds later I was at the stove, three minutes later we were tucking in. That was really tasty and I’m so pleased to have my appetite back.
We saw some wonderful cloud formations and for the first time ever experienced ‘voids’. It happened a few times where we were bowling along at five plus knots and within a split second nothing, not a breath of wind. These voids lasted anything from a few seconds to a few minutes by which time the sails dangled and shuffled their feet not quite knowing what was going to happen – next thing off we went again. All very bizarre.  
Overnight we both had some fickle winds, slow downs and everything from one to five knots on a wiggly path. Beez is doing us proud and is enjoying herself immensely.
My Biggles hat – not needed now as things are a little warmer – has become quite a useful ‘bits’ bag hanging from the table. IPod, camera, ear phones, wire to download pictures and glasses are happy as bugs in a rug. I’m thoroughly enjoying lectures on Ancient Mythology and Bear says he has listened to the two Neil Diamond LP’s I bought him for his birthday. They are really good but I can’t sing along to them yet, but can to the rest of my collection. Glad I’m always off-watch and in bed for those particular vocal attempts. Talking of snuggled, the first night I went to bed fully dressed in action trousers (men’s PJ bottoms covered in action heroes), socks, jogging bottoms, tee shirt and jumper, only managing to peel off my hoody. The second night the jumper and joggers came off and last night I just wore my tee shirt. The sun as I’m typing this is blazing through the pram hood and feels wonderfully warm. Sadly, that didn’t stay the case for long, another void then fine rain in light winds.
Noon summary: Textbook stuff this malarkey, thank you captain.
Noon position:   29:10.04 South and 176:08.63 East
Noon to Noon:   122 nautical miles.
Miles Covered:  399 nautical miles
Miles to Go :     765 nautical miles
Current:            Rainy day doing four and a bit knots
We will sign out for the day with this mornings sunrise - Bear likes the sun, I like the clouds.
                     PROGRESSING WELL