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Wed 23 Jan 2013 23:30
I, We, Speedy – Fell Through the Cracks
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This is a true story – I know it happened to me. This is the email I sent to the lovely Marie at a Court in Wales: 
Thank you so very much for listening to me and offering to help my unusual but very personally worrying circumstance.

History: We left Plymouth at 10:00 on the 6th of June 2008. After several months sailing down Europe on our forty foot Warrior called Beez Neez, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean arriving in Barbados in January 2009. I write to you from Guatemala where we are sheltering out of the hurricane season on the Rio Dulce, twenty odd miles inland from the entry port of Livingston. This to us is island or country 56 some 12,256 miles of exploring after we began our epic journey. Our assumption is to circumnavigate in about ten years or so.
Our passage with dates and timings can be found on

Situation: We visit the UK to see family and friends each year and use Car 3000 to find us the best deal on a hire car, over a six week period this can be quite a saving.
Our last visit in March was in a Peugeot - registration number KY12 URG, provided by Europe Car. We were primarily in the UK for our youngest son's wedding on the 31st of March.
We left my mother-in-law, Dorothy Millard in Gloucester on the morning of the 16th March 2012 to attend the Passport Office in Newport en route to stay with one of the children that weekend. I had a very bad bout of Bronchitis and as we were both insured to drive , my husband Dr. Steven William Millard was behind the wheel. On reflection he thought he was in a 40 mph area at the time of the incident.

We flew back to Miami on the 10th of April 2012 via Virgin Airlines. We both have entry stamps in our Passports to back this up. The first I knew of the speeding charge was when our international phone rang on the 29th of June - it was a Debt Collection Agency by the name of Bluewater. I rang off to check on line to see if this was a hoax call. I rang them back and paid 72.40 administration charge for handling and paperwork.
Straightaway I emailed our tenants who opened my mail, scanned the documents to me. The initial letter from the Speed Camera Department had the date - 13th April 2012.
I rang (and wrote) to the Speed Camera Unit and was told the case had left them, they could not help and I had to wait for the Court. They now had my sons address as our postal address to aid mail movements.
I rang the Court telephone number and spoke to a lady called Hilary who said she could not help as the incident had not been filed yet.
In July I telephoned the Court and spoke to a lady called Julie, again she could not help as I had no case number.
Both Hilary and Julie were very helpful in reassuring me but said I had to wait.

My son scanned an eighteen page document to me which I read late last night. My case number is 611200210495 and I have a date set for the 22nd of October 2012 at 11:45.

Problems: My Drivers Licence is with me here in Guatemala and I have no way of getting it to you before the third week in December when my friends return to the UK after we meet with them in Belize. We have been told that Customs here block small plastic items such as I.D Cards and Bank/Credit Cards, Passport etc due to the massive problem of corruption.

We were back for a wedding last September, this incident happened in March and therefore we cannot possibly afford to come back realistically again until we reach New Zealand at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014.

General: Neither my husband or I have any problem admitting guilt in this matter and so wish to get this sorted out. In my working life I was a Hospital Pharmaceutical Representative and drove thousands of miles each month and know the importance of obeying the speed limits. I have told my husband off ever since we have had this major problem befall us (a few kicks too).

My husbands Drivers Licence happens to be at our sons address as it was due for renewal. Neither of us has any points.

Normally getting our post once a year is not a problem and as we had been in the UK we expected nothing important. Companies we have to deal with such as boat insurance and telephone are happy to deal with us via email.

Any further information you may need we are only too happy to provide it via this email address.

I cannot thank you enough for helping me. I so hope this can be sorted out and have every wish to put it right. I am fifty two and have never been in any trouble before, this has come as such a shock to say the very least and I have not slept worrying about it all.

Yours very sincerely
Sitting in the villa in Belize, I open snail mail the MOTH’s have delivered to us. Heart sink or what. Get my Drivers Licence in within 28 days – Oh No, date already passed. I go on line and find an email contact address. A very nice lady said she would help me  - but the email response I got drained my face completely of life blood.

Your licence was revoked on 27 November 2012, unfortunately I am unable to remove or reinstate your licence without receipt of both photo card and paper counterpart.

I would advise you that when you know you will be back in the U.K you contact the centre (03007906801) for advice on how to get your licence reinstated, I am opening a case for you and will update with the information you have given me, if you call give the reference number 24271930, and whoever you speak to will be able to access the information I have updated.


I would like to thank Jamie and Kevin for the initial scanned letters that started this particular ball rolling.

Miffy for being UK based co-ordinator, scanner and general office manager.

Helen for “on the job” advice.

Andy for “off the job” advice and being a true friend since 1976.

Moth for sympathetic emails and offering fashion tips for when I had nothing to wear but orange pj’s with attractive black arrows and also the potential - bringing the cake containing the file on a pre-determined visitation.

Moth’s son Rikki for offering to be high speed getaway car driver.

Alasdair for offering to be overall manager in my escape plan.


Seriously. The end to the saga. I paid a fine of one hundred and twenty pounds, gained four speeding points on my clean licence and Bear can only drive nothing bigger than a golf cart in the future. Never did I ever think I would write or type the words I plead guilty, but I did on a confirmation email to the Court.




                    I AM SORRY, REALLY SORRY

                     SORRY – Have you ever seen Pepe look completely speechless

                     See warning signs

                     Run, Bear Run

                     Or should that be Run, Speeding Git, Run..........