Is it Blue ???

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 25 Aug 2015 22:57
Is the Blue Lagoon Really Blue ??? A Spuddle to Find Out
blue-lagoon-map  Google Map 
Yesterday was spent in bed watching CSI Las Vegas, season fourteen and Tut, the mini series. Rising now and again to take simple fodder back to our nest and one half hour up to play a game of backgammon, fortunately I won, I was too poorly to be a decent opponent, yeah, right...... This morning we had a slow start but by eleven Bear had made a brash statement. We’ll blow the cobwebs off with a little spuddle around the bay. Can we begin in the far corner. OK then. The idea of taking snorkel kit with us was a bridge too far, even a little picnic – we must feel ill, so just ourselves and a juice each lowered into Baby Beez after a quick stop-by from Rod and Mary enquiring as to the health of the ‘isolated ones’. Reassured we were still flying our imaginary ‘Q’ flag, they were off for a beach walk and bade us ‘get well soon’.
A plan began to form as we slowly spuddled away from Beez. Could we prove that the Blue Lagoon was really blue ??? Later, with the help of Mr. Google and maps, we hope you like our findings.
First Spuddle  IMG_4618
We slowed to explore the reef near Matacawalevu Island at the back of Beez and see huge brain corals, skittering fish and decide this could be our first snorkel. Then we headed out to where we made our final right turn on entering the lagoon the other day. Over our shoulder is the anchorage.
We sit and watch as Puddytat leaves. To their right is Tavewa Island, home to the Coralview Island Resort – where we had lovo and watched meke the other night, in fact, our last outing before deciding bed was our limit.
We tried to go ashore here but the maps had been right, the reef protects the beach far too well.
We head back toward Beez and to the right we see the Blue Lagoon Cruise cat has arrived for the night.
Beez  IMG_4628
We pass Beez at anchor and head toward the sandspit.
We look back – Tavewa Island on the left and Nacula Island on the right.
Corner  IMG_4634
The sandspit with Turtle Island beyond – where Blue Lagoon [the 1980 film] saw Brooke and Christopher fall in love.
We near the shallows to take a look at the reef.
IMG_4639  IMG_4645
We pass the sandspit, turn left and find the ‘dark stuff’ is grass and cross another small reef.
Mangrove Alley  Presentation1
We head toward the gap between Nanuya Lailai Island and Turtle Island, across very shallow water.
Back right we can see some buildings on Turtle Island.
Nearing the gap we see a black line..........soon to be known as grass
IMG_4651  IMG_4652
We park Baby Beez and look across to Matacawalevu Island and along the beach toward the sandspit.
IMG_4656  IMG_4661  IMG_4664
We paddle, take a picture, look down the gap and decide to explore.
IMG_4666  IMG_4665 
Looking front and behind us.
IMG_4670  IMG_4668
We disturb many tiny fish resting in the grass, see the next generation mangrove and pop out at the other end.
As we slowly made our way back to Beez, we saw an elderly kayaker in the water, rescued tick, we went on our way.
Back to the anchorage.
IMG_4684  IMG_4687
Back on board we see a delivery freighter at the resort and watched it pull away.
As this little working girl passed behind us, there was much laughter to be heard as the crew threw boxes into the waiting arms of a chap in the pirogue, supplies ready for the next stop. We managed a picnic in the cockpit and a game of Mexican Train that I won easily – because I was too poorly to be a decent opponent. Yeah, yeah. We both felt totally exhausted, it was time for bed. At four o’clock on a glorious afternoon, I hear you cry. Yes. Soundo until six thirty. Did we sleep that night. Absolutely.
I got up to see the sunset, gather some food for us and went back to my nest where we watched a couple of episodes of Marco Polo.
Brooke and Christopher  IMG_4644
So back to the question -  is it blue ???.
 IMG_4663  IMG_4681
                     WHEN THE SUN IS OUT, YES IT REALLY IS