To Haamene Bay

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 11 Sep 2013 22:57
To Haamene Bay, Tahaa Island
We left the deep anchorage of Apu Bay to go eight miles further up the coast. The wind was a steady twenty five knots but right on the nose.
We are nice and protected inside the reef.
IMG_4144  IMG_4151
A little patrol boat went by. Bear liked this tiny navigation buoy....a red opposite.
Hawaikinui about her deliveries.
A pearl farm, the sky threatening rain.
All the coconut trees like inside out umbrellas in the wind.
The entrance to Haamene Bay.
To our left quite bright but the rain had started to our right.
Looking back out to sea.
Heading into the next cul-de-sac.
Passing little villages as a tiny ferry passes us.
Approaching the second largest town on the island, (also named the bay) - Haamene.
Ashore we look at Beez, looking small and alone.
IMG_4183  IMG_4184
We spied a couple of Berger houses, then went off in search of a bin, a shop and a tour guide.
Bin tick, shops tick and outside one was the very tour truck that Bear was after - Poerani Tours. Alan (Irie II) had said what a good tour he had been on, so the skipper went in search of the driver. Asking the shop owner by pointing at said truck, a giant of a man was called over, sandwich looking like a crisp in his massive paws. All smiles and arrangements made for eight thirty tomorrow morning. We asked if it was OK to leave Baby Beez on the dock. “In the morning OK, but people come back in the afternoon from work and will steal your fuel can.” What a shame, this is the first time we have been warned about theft since arriving in French Polynesia. Chain on then. We have been told to take more care on Bora Bora too, but, being so busy with tourists one would expect to raise awareness there. Our new friend pointed to a street where we would find a bigger supermarket and off we went. Bread found, Bear also saw a watermelon and went in search of a price. Back he came, the lady wants eight dollars but can’t guarantee quality as it’s been in the fridge for three weeks. Huh, had she said two I would have taken it off her hands, but eight, she risks it staying put until it has to be chucked........ On our way back to the quay, Bear insisted this van be called a ‘One Careful Owner’. I disagreed as no foliage and very little rust, well I like it. Fair enough then. 
We got a bit wet returning to Beez, but my brave captain sheltered me from the worst. Settled for a game of backgammon we were well and truly entertained. A brand, spanking new, charter catamaran came up close. Spotting the one charter buoy, man at wheel set forth. Lady on board made an odd movement riding a broom – stay with me on that. Man overshot buoy, move movement from broom. Broom settles on back, right step, man attempts a close, by-pass. Broom half-heartedly waggled, circle once more. This went on for twenty five minutes. No attempt to anchor and off they went into the late afternoon, never to be seen again. Wind dropped, came back with vengeance and rain began. Beer o’clock and Upword then.
Didn’t go so well for the skipper, who at one point had five e’s and two o’s. Ooops.
Nothing for it but to placate him with a cup of tea and a huge lump of lemon cake. We had spotted these treats in the first shop we had popped into. Wrapped in cling film, one pound fifty for a taste of light of pure naughtiness. Wonderful, but losing was harsh.
                     WONDERFUL PLACE TO HIDE OUT