Ha Noi Shops

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 20 Jan 2018 23:37
Ha Noi Shops
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Our digs is just on the edge of the Old Quarter. Up the street, only quiet from one to six in the morning, are a few silk shops and slightly higher end clothing shops, like all the others bikes parked on each side of the pavement.
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Opposite, the al fresco barber shop. Our end of the street is all about paint. Many, many paint shops.
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Across the road from our end of the street are the steel shops. Boxes, cookware and anything that can be needed for ....anything.
Pot production shop.
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Bit of welding. A new flue, we bet that went straight on the back of a bike. We did pass a hotel with a concierge helping a receptionist ‘Selotape’ a box on the back of her bike. There seems to be nothing these people cant or wont try, to accomplish shifting on two wheels.
The busiest shiny shop of all.
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Fruit and hosiery.
Opposite the lake was a very busy bag shop. 
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Moving to the shoe area, every kind of casual to knock off ‘posh’.
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Coffee, the country simply doesn’t have enough civet cats to produce the number of Kopi Luwak jars, packets and sachets on sale. On the corner a foot spa complete with a step that was a fish tank. No health and safety issues here with the feet nibbling fish.
Bag shop.
Bit of a surprise when we bimbled past a grandfather and clock shop.
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Remote control shop. Had to have a little stroke in the fridge shop, especially the plastic freezer....
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Mobile shops.
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Street food, literally. A choice of tripe.
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We found a supermarket being built around us, we had to step over a man trying to cut a plastic cover.
Sunglasses street.
No matter how young, a full day at work.
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Our favourite, somewhere under the basket shop a bicycle.
                     TALK ABOUT BUSY