Crab Feast

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 6 Aug 2011 22:57
Crab Feast at the Lower Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department

The annual Lower Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department Crab Feast was a must for us to do. We left on the marina bikes at just before five and cycled the mile and a bit, only a certain amount of tittering could be heard as Bear overtook me and I saw his squidgy back tire and wiggly passage. We got there in one piece, parked against the fence and showed our $25 tickets, pre-bought at Hurd's Hardware Store. The lady assumed we were over twenty one and fitted us with our Budweiser wrist bands. We had to buy some beer tickets at $2 each from some lovely ladies, sauntered past the equally lovely ladies giving out Cokes, Sprites and water and found a seat.


The piles of crabs had been strategically placed along the tables. We were amazed at how huge the field was, the amount of tables, the size of the crowd and the sheer number of crabs. All around us people were tucking in. We settled beside a couple called Tom and Janie, recently moved from Oklahoma. We all agreed that Deltaville is such a friendly place and this was the event to be at.



Bear got stuck into his first crab, hammer provided, note the table looks quite neat. I went to get a burger in a roll, a few chips, a hot corn on the cob and pick up our beers (sprite added for shandy - perfect). The food was served from 5 until 8 p.m. so more than enough time for Bear to do his best.



There were some serious crab eaters amongst us (not me), by now our table is starting to look like a bomb has gone off, after seven crabs Bear had a change


We did have a Law Enforcement Officer, but with such a good natured crowd, he had little to worry about.



Reinforcements were being delivered, Tom was having a crab filleting lesson, Tom very kindly emailed a picture of the two of us. Janie and me


All the volunteers looked very smart in their event t-shirts. Randy the plumber 'doing it two at a time'. 



Time for me to go and get "the details". I found 'Big Momma' aka Steve Davis, Head Chef, one of the volunteer firemen, previous president for seventeen years of the LMVFR and hard at work replenishing the crab platters. How many people are here. "We topped out at 900. "How many crabs. "100 bushels." Well at seven dozen to the bushel a quick sum - that's EIGHT THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED CRABS. Big Momma introduced me to Jimmy the Fire Chief, well yet another first for me. Then I was introduced to Kevin of J&W Seafood who told me that the crabs were plunged into freezing water, then steamed in herbs and spices for five minutes.


The party next to us gave us a lesson in clearing up, get the bin and hoy the lot in. Later the volunteers rolled all the tablecloths with all the mess up, ferried the bins on sack trolleys to the skips - all over in a flash and very slick.

  The band “Flashback” played from eight until midnight and were fantastic

The band had a short break, a few disco records brought the crowd not only to their feet but all dancing as one



The girls. I have been invited to take my own shots of the girls, but chores getting Beez ready to leave has not allowed the time. When we get from the UK a real must, especially of the last girl - correction - proud lady who dates back to 1946. For now I have copied these from the firehouse website. There are 35 volunteer firemen that belong to a team that is in the top ten firehouses in the whole of the USA, bigger towns and cities are jealous of this position.

In summary - A very well organised, well run event amongst very lovely people who are a real community that welcomed us so very warmly. We had a Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaast, rode the bikes back, very tired and very happy.




                      SO VERY TASTY