Post Visa Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 14 Dec 2015 23:57
A Post Visa Bimble
We left Beez at one o’clock for a celebratory post-Visa-success bimble. Bear’s Australian Visa had come through late on Thursday, mine late yesterday. Signed off by two different Officers in Hobart. We left our pontoon and in the corner were hundreds of dully coloured angel fish, never mind the lack of colour, we remember them being thirty five pounds each in the pet shop back when we had a marine tank.
My favourite banyan trees looked resplendent in the sunshine.
Looking to our right – the place we had visited to get our chest x-rays done, at the top of the hill on the left. The one useful bit of information that no one told us was this – to get our x-rays reported we would have to see a doctor first who would open our reporting system on the Visa site. We had booked ours over the phone, arriving to find a receptionist who spoke no English but the x-ray technician was fluent. He had assured us our reports would be entered the next morning. We have since found out that no report can be added unless there is an open Medical File – only achieved by a recognised Visa GP. So we had run on the spot, then in circles for a few days.
When there is a cruise ship in a little Bee Train takes people around the town. Sadly, we never saw it stop, never found it’s route, so never got to ride the fun looking train.
IMG_0110  IMG_0108  IMG_0109
We love finding todays view, the information board and how things look yesteryear.
IMG_0120  IMG_0125
Our first Christmas tree in a jewellers that sold no Pandora. Thank heavens. Huh. We loved this ladybird fan in a Chinese grockle shop. Our chines restaurant we found to be open until four, we could bimble further and pick up a take away at half three, perfect.
IMG_0123  IMG_0124
Eating al fresco in the shade, although some prefer to sit in full sun.
IMG_0126  IMG_0127
The Chinese Emporium meant we were entering the Asian Quarter.
IMG_0128  IMG_0130  IMG_0131
A memorial to the Vietnamese. The gate to the quarter was guarded by a not-so-handsome-chap.
Looking back toward the market, long since closed for the day [5-11 am].
IMG_0134  IMG_0135
We got back to our take-away / restaurant only to find they had closed early.......Oh well, an ice-cream in McDonald’s and bimble home past the American Servicemen’s Memorial.
From our pontoon gate we looked back over the tourist girls toward the market.
IMG_0140  IMG_0141
Many empty slots along our pontoon.
Beez Neez waits quietly for her turn, soon......
                     DESERTED, REALLY ODD FOR A TOWN