Stormy on Nimue

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 9 Jan 2011 23:43
Stormy the Sea Dog Steals the Show on Nimue
Stormy meeting and having her first hug with Big Bear


Nimue invited us over for a BBQ, where Michael excelled with his Cob - a unit that steams, griddles, BBQ's and you can pick it up and move it around as the outer shell stays cool, quite a neat piece of kit. On board were the usual suspects, Beez Neez, Flying Cloud, Equa Regis and Sea Otter. Nimue met Sea Otter in Europe, Heather and Jonas are on a year long sabbatical with Stormy the sea dog. They crossed from their homeland - Canada to Europe and are here now in St Lucia with a record of forty five sailing miles per day since they left eight months ago. Carol and Jack (parents of Jonas) flew in to meet them, Jack has since flown home as he is not a sailor, Carol is having a few more days to cruise down the coast before flying home.




The besotted Anne and Rick amazed at Stormy's tricks


The American Hairless Terrier is a breed of dog that was formerly considered a variant of Rat Terrier. As of the 1st of January 2004, the United Kennel Club deemed the AHT a separate terrier breed. It is often mistaken for a hairless Chihuahua and is a breed of choice for those requiring a hypoallergenic pet dog, Heather needed no more information when Jonas told her "find the dog that won't make me sneeze" that was eight years ago. Stormy has her own dinghy (she doesn't swim), her own wardrobe, been featured on an advert for Ford cars, shakes both paws, looks cute (both paws up, waving) and the best is when Jonas or Heather shoot her "bang" gets her flat out playing possum.

History: Reputedly, the breed started when one hairless puppy appeared in one Rat Terrier litter in the state of Louisiana, in 1972. Owners Edwin and Willie Scott liked the dog's look and temperament, and upon maturity bred her hoping to reproduce the hairless quality. They were eventually successful; a litter produced in 1981 provided the foundation stock of the breed.



With PJ's featuring Bees, Stormy can do no wrong in our eyes


Recognition: In 1998 the breed gained recognition as the American Hairless Terrier by the American Rare Breeds Association and the National Rat Terrier Club. Canada was the first country outside the US to gain recognition, by Canadian Rarities in 1999. In 1999 the breed was recognized as Rat Terrier, Hairless Variety by the United Kennel Club. The UKC is the only governing body that recognizes the breed. While this organization is a national body, the breed is waiting for an international official breakthrough. In the US the American Hairless Terrier Association is the provisional breed club. Other National Breed Clubs around the world include the Canadian American Hairless Terrier Association and the Japanese Hairless American Terrier Club.




A hug from Grandma Carol and tired now


Description: The American Hairless Terrier is a smoothly muscled, active, small-to-medium terrier. The AHT is different from the other hairless dog breeds native to other countries. The breeds most often seen are the Chinese Crested, the Xoloitzcuintli, and the Peruvian Inca Orchid. These breeds all have a few things in common: most evident is the hair on the head, feet, and tail on the hairless variety; missing, poor, or weak teeth; and skin problems. The American Hairless Terrier has a strong, full set of teeth, a totally hairless body (except for whiskers and eyebrows), and does not have the skin problems associated with the other hairless breeds. Another difference found between the breeds is that in the American Hairless Terrier the hairless gene is recessive, while the gene for hairlessness found in the ancient breeds is a lethal dominant.
Jonas, Heather checking on Chef and Carol. Anne catching up with Lucy and a bemused Francois
Time for a restorative nap and keep warm
Time also to take in the sunset with another beer or several.