Bike Day

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 2 Oct 2013 22:57
Maupiti By Push Bike
  IMG_5271  IMG_5273
Windarra gently persuaded us to hire bikes and take a tour of the island with them. We were promised flat roads and didn’t have any excuse not to join in the fun. We left the quayside hire lady at nine, in time to meet the school bus. I do hope there are not going to be too, too many shots of my rather large stern...........No dear.
God of Maupiti seems a straightforward enough name for this church. Bear is in charge of pictures today as I have been allowed the day off. Couldn’t make the skipper write the blog though, too right....
IMG_5276  IMG_5277  IMG_5278
In no time we were at the top end of the island. Apparently you can walk the whole way round in three hours, so we made frequent photo stops and enjoyed the view.
IMG_5281  IMG_5289  IMG_5283
A very poor attempt at a ‘one careful owner’ and a washing line ??? better have words with the photographer. Oh, now that’s better. A nice view.
IMG_5291  IMG_5292  IMG_5293
The real deal and a carefully owned scooter, I’ll try that one out.
IMG_5300  IMG_5306
A stop for Sofia to present me with flowers, while mum, Rebecca, looks at a Tiki in his own house.
IMG_5312  IMG_5313
Blake and Sofia pose at our lunchtime beach stop. Freshly grilled tuna and rice. Time for a cooling swim in the incredibly shallow lagoon. From the beach here at Tereia, you can walk across to motu Auira.
A pretty house with a spectacular view.
We pushed the bikes up a short hill and were rewarded with a wonderful view toward the first anchorage, Windarra just visible.
IMG_5342  IMG_5343  IMG_5345
At the bottom end of the island we went off piste, definitely didn’t like the bumps at this point, bit we found another beach and a potential for the one careful owner, but a bit young yet.
IMG_5339  IMG_5382
Then a couple of real gems.
These ladies came by, beer tins in hand, mid conversation, stopped to welcome us.
IMG_5349  IMG_5357
We stopped at one of several stand pipes. Karl dunks his head, watched by Sofia. Opposite a shack with a view.
Bear called finalist and I had to go back and have a close look. Mmmm OK, we’ll see.
A funky coloured fridge overtook me at that point. These incredibly friendly islanders are definitely Ia orana (said Yo-rah-nah) not the Bonjour type. A favourite island that we will will always treasure.
Having successfully completed our circumcycle of the island, we went once more to the top end where we had seen a sign for Petroglyphs. The man in the shop had reassured us they were not too far from the road and no climbing involved – marvelous. These famous carvings lay in the mostly dry, only island river called Haranai. Time to head back.
Our last stop was to see this amazing front wall, made from dead coral.
IMG_5397  IMG_5399
We returned the bikes and watched a game, would I do it again, Mmm, let’s see how the stern is in the morning........
                     GREAT WAY TO SEE THE ISLAND