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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 7 Sep 2019 23:47
Day Trip to Nosy Komba 
Bear went to pick up Allen and Patricia (Nauti Nauti) at eight for our day trip to Nosy Komba – finally, lemurs here we come. We have been here five weeks and haven’t really been tourists save for our couple of snorkels with the turtles of Sakatia and one day ashore in Russian Bay. Allen has had so many problems as they took a beating coming to Madagascar. In fact, most boats we have spoken to have sustained damage or problems. So today was much needed. Quarter past eight anchor up and we motored past a lovely local. Loaded cappuccino's en route and lots of catch-up chatting. Heading south-east.

What is on our map as Nosy Komba is also called Nosy Ambariovato, meaning the island surrounded by rocks which are said to protect this volcano-made island. The highest point is six hundred and twenty-two metres and is a very popular tourist spot for day-trippers and holidaymakers alike. Covered by dense tropical forest, the island covers twenty-five square kilometres, it is home to many makis, a variety of lemur also called macaco – our reason to visit……fingers crossed.



At eleven thirty we were anchored, had raced off to see Nero to find out where to park Baby Beez, shot back to Slow Flight with the information and headed past Beez Neez toward shore. Just before we had left Beez Patricia had asked Bear for banana. Some discussion as to where it should be placed..........she tucked it in the right side of her knickers........
Ladies on the beach.
Wonderful to the children squealing in fun, jumping and splashing as Kimi and Trevor come ashore.
IMG_0011  IMG_0013
Loved the mural on the side of a bar. We were guided to a ticket office, handed over one pound seventy-five each and proudly clutched our purchases.
Allen organised a group picture. Back row: Allen, us, Patricia and our guide. Front: Trevor and Kimi.
IMG_0017  IMG_0018
Soon off up a gentle incline our ways parted to let a man carrying a vast sack of rice pass by. A rack or peppercorns drying in the sun.
A little one humming away pretending to do the laundry.
IMG_0019  IMG_0021
A typical house. Had to tell Patricia off for having a ‘blond moment’, she thought it was wash day – actually for sale.......tablecloths, bedspreads, coffee table covers, wall hangings and so much more, all handmade.
IMG_0022  IMG_0024
A detached house. Many bananas growing – at this point Patricia’s was still in good condition.....
Extinct since the seventeenth century, this is a small ‘elephant bird egg’.
From the top of the hill we were on we could see the sea.
This little one was sitting playing as her mum minded her stall.
The artwork here is exquisite. The big paintings are twenty-five Euros but I simply could not choose between the baobab sunrise, sunset or the grey with the red lady but which one – clearly have to return, methinks.
IMG_0247  IMG_0248
Going back down to the village after a super fauna extravaganza (own blog). A busy porch.
IMG_0249  IMG_0250
This house really did lean to the right. Love the rustic windows.
Passing a restaurant I adored this snail having a drink.
IMG_0252  IMG_0254
We settle in a bar for one drink and there was an almighty announcement and out popped the banana still secreted in Patricia’s knickers, why I hear you ask. Mmmmm, no answer really but it was in no fit state for man nor beast. Boys did the dinghy launch thing, back to Beez for chicken salad and because it’s Kimi’s birthday tomorrow we had to have a couple of very small slippery nipples (vodka and Baileys), Happy Unbirthday, before heading back to Crater Bay. Before the anchor was up Patricia was catching Zzz’s, she swears she was “resting eyes”. Oh pull the other one if the sound effects were anything to go by.......
Nosy Komba
Our nine mile journey today, each way. So excited to use the protractor on my Snip and Sketch........ Anchor back down at twenty to seven and as it was a bit dark Kimi and Trevor put their deck lights on, I stayed to the right of all the anchored boats and ended seventeen feet from where we left this morning. Yes, I took the ribbing. Bear dropped Patty and Allen back and we settled to a swift game of backgammon.
                     VERY PRETTY LITTLE VILLAGE