Supplies and Paddling

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 28 Oct 2013 23:57
Supply Ship Excitement and Jolly Good Paddling
BB Paddling 001
BB Paddling 002
Bear jumped up early and ran around about with his camera this morning. A ship is coming in. Yes dear, I’ll just turn over and have another hour, I feel five thirty a little early for this vexation. Guess what.................. I can’t wait a second longer.........
BB Paddling 004  BB Paddling 005
..............A full account of u-turn came forth.
BB Paddling 008
To say I was thrilled when the skipper took his muesli to the cockpit for a front seat breakfast is an understatement. I got my hour.
BB Paddling 021
I got up to find the Olomana of Avatu in fine form.
BB Paddling 023
At nine we went to pick up Sofia and Blake (Windarra), timing our entry around the unloading.
BB Paddling 025
Around a dangling container, but plenty of strong men to help hoist Baby Beez.
BB Paddling 029
A good go at rock pooling.
BB Paddling 034
Despite the stunning pools.........
BB Paddling 028  BB Paddling 035
Bear couldn’t help watching the unloading.
BB Paddling 030
The men worked hard and we carried on with our exploring.
BB Paddling 026  BB Paddling 027
A couple of nice pencils, time to cross the wharf and scruff about there on the other side.
BB Paddling 039
This side was more of a warm paddle in six inches of water.
 BB Paddling 045
Amazing to walk to the edge of the reef, but soon the tide turned and we moved on.
BB Paddling 058
Up, along the road and down to a cute little beach.
BB Paddling 057
Bear had plenty to watch.
BB Paddling 059
We swam in the warm, natural pools, close to the girls.
BB Paddling 036  BB Paddling 052
A nice fat worm and a soft star, scruffy with a piece of seed stuck to him.
BB Paddling 046
A good sized hermy (hermit), very hairy legs for rock bimbling.
BB Paddling 062
Homeward bound, with not enough wind, so the girls looked like they were having a tiff, facing in all directions – a rolly night in the swell then.