HK Symphony of Lights

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 28 Dec 2018 23:57
The Symphony of Lights, Victoria Harbour
We jumped off the Night Tour (Hop-On-Hop-Off Big Bus) and as it was so close to the time of the laser show Bear led us to the waterfront. I saw a set of scaffolding stairs and up we went. Fourth row back, we found a good vantage spot so long as no-one put up a mobile on a stick.... Not a bad view across Victoria Harbour (from where we set off on the Night Tour by the big wheel over the other side), ten minutes to go until show time.
A Star Ferry passed by.
IMG_0327  IMG_0326
A tourist sampan and a Star Ferry settled against the pier.
Not forgetting the Christmas lights on the buildings along the foreshore.
One of the skyscrapers glowed a countdown from ten and on with the show.
After thin white lasers in fans we had block lights going up individually.
The lasers swirled and danced.
This time a soft green light.
The green pencil lasers showed up much better on the video clips (this was the best picture of them).
The finale (I think we both expected a bit more in the way of beams) of tonight’s Symphony of Lights were twirling lasers and the odd green line flashing from a few of the skyscrapers. Our view was looking across Victoria Harbour from Kowloon to Wan Chi, Hong Kong Island. According to the Guinness Book of Records it is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show that began in 2007 and happens every night at eight o’clock lasting nearly ten minutes.
We could see the Bus Station from our position and as Bear is in charge of getting us to and fro, I followed to where he thought the 5C should land. A quick check with one of the workers and we crossed the road opposite as our bus pulled in. The driver nipped off for a few minutes and off we went.
The mobile provided with our digs has come in handy.
IMG_0352  IMG_0353  IMG_0354
The bus dropped us on the road beyond our digs and right next to a KFC. As we have eaten once in every country we have ever visited we felt we could tick off Hong Kong right now. England is twice the cost of Malaysia and we thought tax free HK would compare. No. My scrawny looking business and Bear’s came to ten pounds. Growling, and, ...... they originally put it all in one basket and couldn’t fathom why I would want my own set-up. That sorted The Smiler tucked in and enjoyed his rice with curried mushroom gravy. I had settled for chips and was a bit disappointed with my three saggy thingys. What is interesting is all the local variations we have encountered – Trinidad and the semi-solid but delicious macaroni cheese, the such fine coleslaw in Morocco, the hot wings that made us sweat tears in China, the list goes on. Time to nip in to the supermarket next door for a banana for Bear’s muesli for the morrow and back to our digs for a film after a very long hot shower.
Festive along the middle of the road.





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