To Kudesa Homestay

To Kudesa Homestay
Our flight from Yogyakarta was very simple and our B+B driver was there to meet us at Bali Airport. No sooner than we had settled in the car than the heavens really opened. Visibility was greatly reduced and soon the puddles looked like small lakes. Scooters were ridden by bare-footed skippers in a variety of ponchos, bin liners and assorted protection in many shapes and sizes. An hour and a half later we arrived at our digs, not wanting to go in search of food we had put in a pit stop for pot noodles and our driver arrived with a hot flask. Who says we don’t know how to party ???
IMG_4918  IMG_4920
The ‘garden en suite’ had me in fits of giggles, never before have I settled on the loo in the slashing rain, luckily the toilet paper was located over our right shoulder in its own potting shed. What a comedy, Bear thought the whole thing was a worthy laugh but soon settled to a game of patience.
The rain stopped half way through the night just as the Imam unlocked his vocal chords – he sounded so close we ought to lean out of bed and  be able to touch his sleeve. He stopped and a yappy dog took up the baton........ We got up and fought the shower, it almost won but after Bear went in search of ‘our man’ the swimming pool filler converted the water pressure to our showerhead and all ended clean and well. We ate a hearty breakfast of omelette and fruit on our patio – all for the princely sum of fifteen pounds for the two of us.
I met a rather handsome chap but was told that his jacket was an “itchy one”.
Off to Bali Bird Park so no time to enjoy the pool. 
                     PRETTY BUT NOISY