Beddagana Wetlands

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 10 Mar 2019 23:57
Beddagana Wetlands Park, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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As it was about five miles from our digs (but still in the city), we treated ourselves to an Uber Taxi and for the princely sum of one pound thirty we arrived at the car park of the Beddagana Wetlands Park. (Thank you Mr Google Maps).
Following a long and winding path past many ‘native to Sri Lanka’ trees – all neatly labelled, we got to the entrance hut. We handed over £4.31 each, followed a path and a boardwalk to Duck Pond. We carried on to the watchtower. Declared a wild life sanctuary by the Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1985. Just over forty-four acres Beddagana Wetlands Park has an important role in flood control for the city. 
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Boardwalks are not supposed to be sat down on but every few hundred feet yet another young couple was ‘making out’ but no snogging was seen..........
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The watchtower had a big group of teenage girls giggling and squealing so on we bimbled. There were a few chaps scruffing about though.
DSCN8061  DSCN8063
 Handsome chaps.
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Scores of pretty dragonflies and loads of butterflies accompanied us.
DSCN8048  DSCN8035
A usual suspect and then a real character.
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DSCN8037  DSCN8040  DSCN8042
Talk about “Do you want me this way or that”.....
DSCN8078  IMG_0008
Only white lilies.
DSCN8083  DSCN8087
Numerous, cute chirpers and tail wagglers scampered about.
Some lay perfectly still and quiet.
DSCN8090  DSCN8091  DSCN8094
Taking a woodland track we were delighted to see a migrant visitor the beautiful Indian paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi).
IMG_0013  IMG_0014
We met a lovely, but tiny couple, I look like the Jolly Blue Giant...we chatted, a very loose word.
DSCN8104  IMG_0020
Back past our mate who thinks he’s on sentry duty and we took in some of the trees, bushes and flowers.
Back at the car park we were pleased that this sign had not been needed.......
                     WELL LAID OUT AND A GOOD SIZE