Day 2 to Cape Town

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 29 Dec 2019 06:00
34:48.875 S  21:56.474 E
Day Two to Cape Town
My happy picture today.
A very nice comfortable sail with speeds between 5 and 7 knots with an average since we left of 5.7 knots. 205.5 nautical miles completed.
On watches for both of us have been uneventful, lots of chums around for me to look at. Off watches with good sleeps.
DSCN0415 - Copy
Our first chum of the day was a Chinese cargo lady called Cosco Zhou Yue. She was trotting along at 12 knots and she gave me the idea to try and take pictures as the waves hit her. This meant I had to hang out of the front window, perch between the top and second step in the doorway, try to balance, get a photograph (in focus) and not giggle as I rocked and rolled. Of course every time there was a splendid wave I was not looking through the view finder or we were leaning the wrong way. Anyhoo, this lady is on her way to Durban and then on to Singapore where she is due in on the 17th of January. Her vital statistics are 202 x 32 x 13.1 metres. A bit of fun.
DSCN0399 - Copy
My only other try after considering the risk outcome equation was a cargo chum from Singapore called Winning Loyalty. She has come from the anchorage at the Port of Kamsar in Guinea and she is en route to Fangcheng in China, due in on the 22nd of January. She was built in 2004 and her statistics are 288.93 x 45 x 18.6 metres. Her gross tonnage is 90,091 and her summerweight tonnage is 180,310. She was trotting along at 10.7 knots and as she lies low in the water I really tried hard to get that wave breaker over her beak.
The sea is always a tricky one to show any sort of swell but losing her back end give a bit of an idea.
DSCN0403  DSCN0404
A lull in the waves.
Quite a good one on her beak.
A comical one.
DSCN0406 - Copy
Dramatic in black and white.
DSCN0407 - Copy
Just visible.
There she is.
Next ‘biggies’.
Final one. My elbows are getting a bit sore now.
I hope this is the last chartplotter picture I ever take that shows the words ‘Indian Ocean’...........
                     A GREAT SAILING DAY